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Pixarfying Disney

An interesting article from the Economist draws comparisons to between Pixar, Ratatouille and the way Disney is now being run by CEO, Bob Iger. 

Before Mr Iger took over, Disney had a factory-like process for animation in which a business-development team came up with ideas and allocated directors to them. “With the arrival of the Pixar leadership, Disney has adopted the director-driven development and production approach that Pixar has used so successfully,” says Mr Staggs. The full proof of Pixar’s impact on Disney’s animation will be seen in November when the firm releases “Bolt”, the first film developed entirely under the new bosses.

says the article as it draws comparison between the company and Ratatouille, portraying ex-Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, as Chef Skinner making cheap frozen dinners, until he is removed at Remy and co. come to town and take over the business.

Read the story and judge for yourself here.
Thanks Will.

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  1. Well, I’d much rather the Pixarfying of Disney, than the Disneyfying of Pixar. 😐

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