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NYT on the Disney•Pixar Marriage

The New York Times‘ Brooke Barnes writes today about the Disney•Pixar marriage and how they have made it work. On the topic of sequels, direct-to-dvd features and Pixar, the article says:  

IN a subtle but important shift, Pixar has matured, allowing its strategic thinking to evolve inside a sprawling corporation. For instance, some of the studio’s executives once resisted sequels and direct-to-DVD efforts, arguing that quality and the brand could suffer. While sequels were not out of the question, they said Pixar’s hot streak hinged on pushing boundaries with original material.

In this four-page article, it talks more about how both companies have adapted to each other’s philosophies in business and quality, as well as "pre-nup" for the merger. Well worth a read if you are interested. 

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