WALL•E Region 2, November 24th

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Posted by Martin • August 22, 2008

DVD Monthly UK reveals the special features included in the Region 2 release of WALL•E as well as the release date, November 24th!

This release will include:

  • Presto’ Theatrical Short 
  • BURN•EDVD Exclusive Short
  • Up’ Teaser Trailer 
  • Audio Commentary With Director Andrew Stanton 

    Special features include: Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds from the Sound Up. A featurette with Ben Burtt speaking about hsi sound design and classic Disney sound design.It’ll also include two deleted scenes: Garbage Airlock and Dumped.

  • For more details on all of the features including the US only WALL•E Tour of the Universe (featuring Auto) read here.

    Note: This is pertaining to the one disc Region 2 release of the WALL•E DVD.

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    WALL•E Home Video Jam-Packed, Details *UPDATE*

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    Posted by Martin • August 20, 2008 announced today that WALL•E would be receiving 4 home video releases. The first being a one disc DVD including a directors commentary, Presto & BURN•E, and Up trailer, deleted scenes, a sound design featurette, and ‘WALL•E‘s Tour of the Universe’ all for $29.99.

    Additionally there will be a three disc DVD release with all of the above plus additional deleted scenes, making of featurettes, BnL shorts, The Pixar Story documentary, ‘WALL•E‘s Treasures and Trinkets’, the ‘Lots of Bots’ storybook, and a DisneyFile digital copy all selling for $39.99.

    There will also be two Blu-ray releases with the above besides Disney File, plus Cine-Explore, BURN•E picture-in-picture, Axiom Arcade, Geek Track and the BD Live feature going for $35.99. The most complete release is the 3 disc WALL•E Blu-ray, which includes all of the above plus a DisneyFile digital copy.

    *Now that there is no more competition from HD DVD, upcoming Disney DVD’s should have more features, but remember, this may not last too long because Pixar is willing to move into the future. These promising Blu-Ray and DVD releases are expected to be in stores November 18th, and the official press release should be out this Friday, August 22nd confirming these details.

    Thanks, Jibiti from the Pixar Planet Forums for pointing this out!

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    More BURN•E Details? [Updated]

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    Posted by Thomas • June 26, 2008

    /Film reader DC sent into the site some more information on BURN•E.

    In the feature film there is a sequence where Eve and WALL-E fly around the Axiom Starliner, and enter through a door locking a poor welder bot on the outside of the ship. The bot bangs his fists against the door after he realizes that he has been locked out.

    says the article. /Film adds that bot is complete with a logo akin to our mockup (pictured). Read the article to see what /Film’s Peter Sciretta thinks the short will be about. 

    UPDATE: An anonymous comments points out that BURN•E can be seen in the "A Space Journey In Sound" featurette quite clearly at about :58 seconds. 

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    Next Pixar Short: BURN•E

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    Posted by Thomas • June 20, 2008

    A Pixar Planet Forum member, miafka, who is a member of the orchestra for WALL•E, pointed out today some information about the next Pixar short film.  

    Though the scoring to Wall-E finished the end of April, we went back today (Wed) to record music for a small little short that’ll be an extra on the Wall-E DVD when it comes out. The short is called "Burn-E" and is about a robot named… you guessed it… Burn-E. Music was by JAC Redford (orchestrator on "Wall-E") and though I didn’t catch the director’s name, he came out at the end to say hi. Nice that there are some extras planned for the DVD. Of course Wall-E itself will be out in theatres in… less than 10 days!

    says miafka. Hopefully more information on this soon. 

    Thanks Martin.

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