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WALL•E Home Video Jam-Packed, Details *UPDATE* announced today that WALL•E would be receiving 4 home video releases. The first being a one disc DVD including a directors commentary, Presto & BURN•E, and Up trailer, deleted scenes, a sound design featurette, and ‘WALL•E‘s Tour of the Universe’ all for $29.99.

Additionally there will be a three disc DVD release with all of the above plus additional deleted scenes, making of featurettes, BnL shorts, The Pixar Story documentary, ‘WALL•E‘s Treasures and Trinkets’, the ‘Lots of Bots’ storybook, and a DisneyFile digital copy all selling for $39.99.

There will also be two Blu-ray releases with the above besides Disney File, plus Cine-Explore, BURN•E picture-in-picture, Axiom Arcade, Geek Track and the BD Live feature going for $35.99. The most complete release is the 3 disc WALL•E Blu-ray, which includes all of the above plus a DisneyFile digital copy.

*Now that there is no more competition from HD DVD, upcoming Disney DVD’s should have more features, but remember, this may not last too long because Pixar is willing to move into the future. These promising Blu-Ray and DVD releases are expected to be in stores November 18th, and the official press release should be out this Friday, August 22nd confirming these details.

Thanks, Jibiti from the Pixar Planet Forums for pointing this out!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really can’t wait!!!

  2. Netbug009 says:

    …….Did you just say 3 disc DVD?

    3 DISC DVD?!

    Disney, I am sorry for every mean thing I have ever said about you. I’m sorry for saying you only care about the money. I’m sorry for doubting any good DVD from you guys. I AM SO SORRY.

    Oh man, I may cry. That is th last news I was expecting for the DVD fans.

    Somebody pinch me. I must have fallen asleep at my desk.

  3. I am so surprised they are giving a commentary on the cheapest release. =)

    Too bad it took them two movies to finally realize this. Poor Cars and Ratatouille had to suffer. Well, better late than never!

  4. E.S. says:

    ^ I bet Disney didn’t really “realize” anything and it still had a lot to do with the money.

    It was in Disney’s best interest for Blu-Ray to win the format wars against HD-DVD, and the best way to do this is to force their fans to get the BluRay version of a movie to get the special features.

    Now that that’s all over with and Blu-Ray won, no need to entice people to get that version now, and in fact they don’t to discourage people from buying it just because they don’t have Blu-Ray and won’t get the same value just getting DVDs.

    I wish they just released 2-disc versions of Cars and Ratatouille on DVD now.

  5. Yeah! I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I would like a Cars and Ratatouille 2-disc even though I already have the DVD now AND Blu-Ray.

    Then again, looking at the features, they’re pretty minimal. All of the “making of” featurettes are what they released a few months ago before they released WALL-E in theaters.

  6. ominousorb says:


    I’m all for Blu-Ray, but that’s no reason to limit their DVD releases, which I’ll still be buying for quite some time … I’m so happy.

    I really wonder who proposed this though, because they didn’t have to do this. I know for one that Andrew Stanton is a big supporter of bonus features.

    However, I’m very curious about the extra features on the Blu-Ray release, especially the “Geek Track” … but the 3-Disc DVD release should be enough to keep me content.

    And of course I wish they did the same with Cars and Ratatouille.

  7. Anonymous says:

    WOW! my hopes for quality Pixar dvds were almost dead, and then THIS happens!
    I’m getting the 3-Disc for sure, the Pixar Story is a wonderful doc and I really can’t wait for Ben Burtt sound design featurettes. The doc “Films Aren’t Released, They Escape” found on the STar Wars Episode 2 dvd features Ben Burtt’s sound design process and it’s truly amazing stuff.

    Come on Nov 18th!

  8. Wow! Sounds nice for once. Finally going back to what works. It’s an insult to everything Pixar stands for with those horrible single disc releases for Cars and Ratatouille. Hopefully this goes back to the standard. My only problem is that the three disc version will probably have its artwork all screwed up with an ugly “Digital Copy included” banner. But that’s small stuff.

  9. Mitch says:

    Finally! Gosh, I was beginning to lose hope…. (heh)

    Thank you very much for the additional information, martini! I’ll definitely be nagging that 3-disc DVD when it becomes available for purchase.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where can I pre-order the three disc? I have never wanted a DVD more.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s good news that we’re finally getting a Pixar release packed full of extras again. It’s the light at the end of a very long and bleak tunnel. Still, I want Ratatouille and Cars, but I refuse to buy them until they’re on a feature-packed two-disc version (or I get a Blu-Ray player… probably about 3 or 4 years from that though).

    Disney, nice to see you lifting your game, but you’ve still got a long way to go.

  12. Anonymous says:

    WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! * dancing about, singing the songs, and banging the keyboard in excitement *
    (Everything Netbug said! [If she doesn’t mind me quote her. . . .])
    Now if they’d only do a ‘from the vaults’ re-release of Ratatouille and Cars in multiple-disk format. . .
    Still, wonderful, wonderful news!

    – Euphreana

  13. Oh by the way, the owner of DVDizzy said the first one is a 1-disc, not 2.

  14. THANK YOU Andrew Stanton, if you’re reading this! Now, go back and release Cars and Ratatouille as a 2 or 3 disc and I will love you even more.

  15. martini833 says:

    It says one disc, I edited it yesterday, one of the reasons it says UPDATE. 🙂

  16. Axiom says:

    (Screaming inside head) Wow! If only November would come faster.

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