Next Pixar Short: BURN•E

BURNE News Short Film WALL-E

A Pixar Planet Forum member, miafka, who is a member of the orchestra for WALL•E, pointed out today some information about the next Pixar short film.  

Though the scoring to Wall-E finished the end of April, we went back today (Wed) to record music for a small little short that’ll be an extra on the Wall-E DVD when it comes out. The short is called "Burn-E" and is about a robot named… you guessed it… Burn-E. Music was by JAC Redford (orchestrator on "Wall-E") and though I didn’t catch the director’s name, he came out at the end to say hi. Nice that there are some extras planned for the DVD. Of course Wall-E itself will be out in theatres in… less than 10 days!

says miafka. Hopefully more information on this soon. 

Thanks Martin.

Last modified: June 20, 2008