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WALL•E Region 2, November 24th

DVD Monthly UK reveals the special features included in the Region 2 release of WALL•E as well as the release date, November 24th!

This release will include:

  • Presto’ Theatrical Short 
  • BURN•EDVD Exclusive Short
  • Up’ Teaser Trailer 
  • Audio Commentary With Director Andrew Stanton 

    Special features include: Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds from the Sound Up. A featurette with Ben Burtt speaking about hsi sound design and classic Disney sound design.It’ll also include two deleted scenes: Garbage Airlock and Dumped.

  • For more details on all of the features including the US only WALL•E Tour of the Universe (featuring Auto) read here.

    Note: This is pertaining to the one disc Region 2 release of the WALL•E DVD.

    0 Responses to WALL•E Region 2, November 24th

    1. Anonymous says:

      The DVD doesn’t come out on Nov. 24th. It comes out on Nov. 17th.

    2. Walleuse says:

      Hey !
      I have a question about a deleted scene in Wall-e : when Eve scans the movie that Wall-E shows to her, a message “pirate copy” appears (extract seen on internet, probably thanks to this blog), but when I saw the movie, this scene has disapeared ! Is it just in France, or this scene has been deleted by Disney ? Please, I wan’t to know ! ^^

    3. martini833 says:

      That was edited in by Disney as a reminder to not pirate movies.

    4. Anonymous says:

      there better be a region 2 3 disc dvd…. the pixar dvds are an essential part of my education! they teach you so much about the actual process. my work would be so much worse if it wasnt for those extra discs.

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