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To Mars & Beyond!

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Posted by Thomas • March 17, 2008

Jim Hill has garnered some news recently relating to the rumoured John Carter of Mars trilogy Pixar is planning. Hill points to these domains the Mouse House has recently registered in evidence of the production.

The Gods of Mars is the second book in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars series, the first being A Princess of Mars.

According to what Mouse House insiders recently told me, Mark Andrews (i.e. the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of "Ratatouille") has allegedly already completed a first pass on a screenplay for the first film in the proposed "Mars" series. And given that both Pixar and Disney execs have reportedly responded very enthusiastically to Andrews’ script … Well, both companies are now anxious to put this project in the development pipeline ASAP.

says Hill. Hill also says that the film might be slated for a 2012 release date or possibly earlier, this is of course, depending on how well The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian performs at the box office this year. If Prince Caspian does not meet expectations at the box office, Hill says that the Mouse House will likely go forward with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and then pull the plug on the Narnia series, using the JCoM trilogy to fill the gaps in the release schedule.

Hill also puts Jim Morris, who moved from Lucasfilm in 2005 to Pixar, as the producer of the series. Your thoughts? Read the full article here

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Moving Up The Ladder

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Posted by Thomas • March 12, 2008

The LA Times’ John Horn, writes about previous Pixar employees who have now gone on to direct animated feature films at other studios. 

Some of these people include Jimmy Hayward, an animator at Pixar who moved to Blue Sky Studios in 2002, and has just directed Horton Hears A Who! Then there is Ash Brannon, who is credited with story work on A Bug’s Life and Toy Story, and also the original director of Toy Story 2, he has since moved to Sony Pictures Animation to direct Open Season and Surf’s Up
Probably of most interest is the news of Jan Pinkava having left Pixar to direct animated features for other producers. 

Pinkava speaks highly of Pixar. "It’s a tremendous environment, a company based on everybody wanting to do great animation." But after "Ratatouille" he decided it was time to go. "I was never quite on the inside of Pixar — I was on the edge of the inner circle. But I have no complaints, really. None."

says the article. And all the other artists speak very highly of Pixar too. It’s worth the read of the entire article.

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UP Enters The Third Dimension

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Posted by Thomas • March 10, 2008

We do know (or at least one does hope the other knows), that Pixar’s 2009 release, UP, directed by Pete Docter, is going to be a 3D animated film. Pixar aren’t going to 2D, yet. In addition to this,, reporting from ShoWest, said that Disney have announced that the film will also be exhibited in 3-D. It seems it will go hand-in-hand with the three Toy Story releases over 2009-2010, that will also be in 3-D.

However, Peter Sciretta from /Film, does make a very good point. Is Disney having a negative influence on Pixar? He says:

And I’ve always loved Pixar’s view on sequels and 3D. Things like “Sequels are not part of our business model” and “We’ll only do 3D if the story compliments it” have been said many times in many interviews. 

Then last year it was announced that the Bay-area based animation studio would be making a third Toy Story film. And then, in January, Disney made the big announcement that it would be released in Digital Disney 3D following the rerelease of the original two films, which would be remastered for three dimensional viewing.

Add this onto the rumours that Disney•Pixar are going to make a Cars 2 and are eyeing a 2011 release date, and it just doesn’t sound like Pixar at all. Is it really necessary for the unstoppable duo to release these films in 3-D? I’ve never actually seen a film in 3-D, but it really just sounds like a cheap gimmick. But please, correct me if I am wrong. Leave a comment below and share your opinion.

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Jobs Didn’t Disclose Cancer To Pixar Board

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Posted by Thomas • March 7, 2008

Fortune Magazine‘s Peter Elkind has published a new article on Apple CEO, Disney’s largest shareholder and the guy that bought Pixar from George Lucas for $10 million, Steve Jobs. 

The article talks about his history at Apple, his fierce temper, the stock backdating scandal (at both Pixar and Apple), as well as a host of other topics. The authors purports the article has been in the making for months, and it is an interesting read, whether you’re a fan or not, to see how a mind of someone like Steve Jobs’ works.
However, one particular piece of information that may be of interest to some, is about Jobs’ pancreatic cancer. The story goes that he was diagnosed in 2003, and wasn’t given long to live. It was then discovered that he had a rare form of cancer that could be treated, Steve didn’t want to go for surgery however. He eventually came around and was put under the knife in 2004. In 2004, after the surgery, and he was given the all clear, it was then announced about his ordeal. During this time however, it was all kept very hush-hush. Only very few members of the Apple board knew, and his illness wasn’t even disclosed to the Pixar board members. The reason behind not informing the shareholders of either companies, is said that they did not want to worry them and the stock price to plummet. Jobs has been an icon for the company, he is heralded as the saviour, ever since his return in 1997. Since then we have seen the iMac, the iPod and now the iPhone, as well as numerous other hit innovations and inventions.
What do you think? Should Jobs have disclosed his illness to all the shareholders of both companies? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Lou Romano To Visit Platt College

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Posted by Thomas • March 4, 2008

Pixar animator, and voice of Linguini (Ratatouille), Bernie Kropp (The Incredibles) and Snot Rod (Cars), Lou Romano, will be visiting Platt College in San Diego on Aril 4 to give a free (R.S.V.P Required) talk at noon, 4pm and 6pm. 

More info can be had here. Thanks V.M.L.

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Ratatouille Oscar Celebrations

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Posted by Thomas • March 3, 2008

In light of Ratatouille of winning the Oscar this year, Pixar have announced they will erect a 100ft statue of Remy….Ok, that’s a lie. 

However, check out these two photos from bienbiensuper’s Flickr photostream, which show the celebrations in Pixar’s atrium for the win. The second photo shows Brad Bird with the Oscar.
Thanks Pete.

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Pixar – A Human Story of Computer Animation

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Posted by Thomas • March 1, 2008

The above video, recorded May 16, 2005, is a 100+ minute look into Pixar from the Computer History Museum. People that were present at this presentation include, Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, Alvy Ray Smith, Ed Catmull and George Lucas. Animation fans might be interested to learn about Ed Catmull’s PhD thesis, which is where texture mapping came from. Thanks Rolo for the heads up.

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Pixar at The Reynolda Film Festival

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Posted by Thomas • March 1, 2008

Pixar’s David Park, the Production Coordinator for Cars, Ratatouille, and WALL•E will be participating in The Reynolda Film Festival at Wake Forest University. 1000 tickets have just gone on sale and Park will give a presentation on April 12th from 11:30am-1:00pm. In it he plans to present: 

  • What it takes to work at Pixar 
  • Pixar University 
  • The Pixar workplace and environment 
  • A very in-depth look into the Pixar process (including storyboards, dailies, designing, animating, approving, sound, modeling, etc.) 
  • An extensive look into the making of Ratatouille 
  • A short look into the making of Cars 
  • A sneak-peek at WALL•E
Park also has hinted at a few things up his sleeve which will make the presentation fun. It sounds like it’s going to be an absolute blast. If anyone will be in attendance, we’d love to hear a report on the event. Thanks Brent.

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Interview With Pixar Title Graphics Artist

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Posted by Thomas • February 29, 2008

Thunder Chunky has an interview with Pixar’s Susan Bradley, a title graphics artist. Susan was manager of Walt Disney Studios’ Title Graphics Department for six years before moving on to design titles for a number of live action films, and then moving over to Pixar in 2006 where she has worked on Ratatouille.

On working on Ratatouille, Susan says:

My biggest scene was the design of the rat poison products for the front window of the Paris exterminator shop – which is a real place! It was strange developing something evil in the world of our adorable little friends, but that was the point.

Check out the full interview here.

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An ‘Up’date

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Posted by Thomas • February 24, 2008

Some of you may remember that piece of concept art from Up (Pictured), due for release in 2009, we saw a few weeks back. Well Pixar artist, Enrico Casarosa has come forth on his blog and mentioned that he drew the picture, and it was painted by his "talented colleague Daniel Arriaga."

Also, other Pixar artist, Ronnie Del Carmen, says this on his blog:

Just been through a screening on reels of "UP" and I’m exhausted. I’ve been making animated feature reels for over thirteen years and it doesn’t get easier. The movie’s doing quite well and it’s one I myself can’t wait to see on the screen.

And that is the latest Update. 

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