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An ‘Up’date

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Posted by Thomas • February 24, 2008

Some of you may remember that piece of concept art from Up (Pictured), due for release in 2009, we saw a few weeks back. Well Pixar artist, Enrico Casarosa has come forth on his blog and mentioned that he drew the picture, and it was painted by his "talented colleague Daniel Arriaga."

Also, other Pixar artist, Ronnie Del Carmen, says this on his blog:

Just been through a screening on reels of "UP" and I’m exhausted. I’ve been making animated feature reels for over thirteen years and it doesn’t get easier. The movie’s doing quite well and it’s one I myself can’t wait to see on the screen.

And that is the latest Update. 

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Pixar Invites Schools For Special Screening Of Finding Nemo

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Posted by Upcoming Pixar • February 13, 2008

Mark Walsh was present at a screening of Finding Nemo for the school district of Middlesbrough California, As part of the Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games, hosted by Teesside University.

Mark Walsh was directing animator for Finding Nemo. And is a respected international speaker who took part in last week’s festival, now in its ninth year. Further details on the event can be read here.

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Navone’s Planning Drawings For WALL•E

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Posted by Thomas • February 12, 2008

Victor Navone, Pixar animator, has posted in his online web gallery, the planning drawings for the WALL•E Superbowl Ad which he animated.

Thanks Martin.

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Michael Arndt On Toy Story 3

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Posted by Thomas • February 8, 2008

As some of you may be aware, Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter, Michael Arndt, is now working at Pixar, penning the script for Toy Story 3 which is due for release in 2010. has a video from what looks like a press conference for his new book, Little Miss Sunshine: The Shooting Script.

He mentions that Pixar hired him back in 2005, during the shooting of LMS, so at which time, Pixar hadn’t even seen LMS. He also tells us how production is scheduled week-by-week all the way until 2010 and the release of TS3, and that he jokes that he is already behind schedule. He also talks about the creative process at Pixar, and how quickly they solve problems there compared to working in live action, and how he’d love to bring some of that process to live action filmmaking. 
It’s an interesting video for amateur screenwriters, but if your just in it for TS3, skip to 52:40min or click Q17- Toy Story 3 in the sidebar on the right. Thanks Will.

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Mark Walsh Chats With The Independant

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Posted by Thomas • February 8, 2008

The Independant talks with Pixar’s, Mark Walsh in a recent article. They discuss a variety of topics including, Ratatouille, the process of creating an animated movie as well as Pixar bringing computer animation to the masses. Here is a piece I found interesting:

One downside is a problem most computer users suffer – hardware and software that’s out of date all too soon. "To resurrect the Toy Story characters for the third Toy Story [due in 2010] we had to find an old machine somebody still had," Walsh says. "It was being used as a coffee table. If they hadn’t saved it, we’d have lost the original Buzz and Woody animations."

You can read the rest here. Thanks Guido.

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Air Talk With Brad Bird

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Posted by Thomas • February 5, 2008

Larry Mantle from 89.3 KPCC’s AirTalk  and historian Charles Solomon, chats with Ratatouille Director Brad Bird, and is now available in podcast format. (Skip to 23:46 to listen to the interview)

I’m sure Incredibles fans will get a kick out of Bird correcting Mantle on animation not being a genre, but a medium, as Bird was very passionate in detailing how he’d punch the next person who called it a genre on the Incredibles DVD commentary. They discuss how Pixar go about deciding on what films to make,  Ratatouille (of course), The Brain Trust, as well as a host of other topics. 
I think this podcast is worth a listen, as Brad seems very comfortable, and you might be reminded of The Incredibles commentary in the freedom he has to discuss certain topics. 
Thanks goes to miafka at the Pixar Planet Forums.

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Pixar at fmx/08

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Posted by Thomas • January 26, 2008

VFXWorld reports that fmx/08, the 13th International Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Digital Media, which takes place May 5-8 in Stuttgart, Germany, has announced its initial program of speakers.

Among the speakers will be Pixar’s Sharon Calahan, director of photography, will discuss creating the look of Ratatouille.
Further information can be found at

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Animation Mentor Celebrates Third Graduation

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Posted by Thomas • January 15, 2008

Animation Mentor,  “the online animation school® by animators for animators®”, has just celebrated it’s third graduation with an address from Pixar director, Pete Docter. 

Speaking from the heart, Docter urged the graduates, “to be open to whatever life throws at you,” and that “whatever you do, make it your own.” Docter expressed his belief that an animator’s job was to “find a truth in the world that no one else has found and bring it to the screen.” He also emphasized the importance of story, because “without a good story, you’ve got nothing.”

says the press release, courtesy of Animated News. Congratulations to the more than 80% of the class you gained coveted positions at some of the top studios. You can read the full press release here.

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An Aussie At Pixar

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Posted by Thomas • January 13, 2008

The West Australian as a delightful article on 39-year-old, father of four, Brian Green from Melbourne. 

The article tells of how Green got a job at Pixar back in 1997 when he was working at Animal Logic (Happy Feet), and how email was relatively new and exciting to them all, so Green searched up Pixar, found an email, sent off his resumé, and to his surprise he receives a phone call from Pixar, wanting to fly him over for an interview. Green mentions he is currently working on Toy Story 3.
The author also chats with John Lasseter and poses the question of a sequel to 2003 blockbuster, Finding Nemo.

"There’s nothing to say about that," Lasseter abruptly replies. 

So Finding Nemo 2 is not on Pixar’s drawing boards? 

"I can’t really talk about that. Sorry," Lasseter, shutting down the question with a look that says do not ask anything more about it. 

Pixar is famously secretive about future projects, so the terse response adds to speculation Finding Nemo 2 is indeed on its way.

adds the article. It’s an enjoyable read, so why not check it out here.

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Ratatouille Nominated For Eddie Award

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Posted by Thomas • January 11, 2008

American Cinema Editors have announced 10 feature film nominations for the 58th annual ACE Eddie Awards, set for Feb. 16 at the Beverly Hilton, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Among the nominees is Pixar’s Darren Holmes for Ratatouille.

Also, in the documentary category,  Leslie Iwerks & Stephen Myers are up for The Pixar Story
Congratulations to both parties on the nomination.

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