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Michael Arndt On Toy Story 3

As some of you may be aware, Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter, Michael Arndt, is now working at Pixar, penning the script for Toy Story 3 which is due for release in 2010. has a video from what looks like a press conference for his new book, Little Miss Sunshine: The Shooting Script.

He mentions that Pixar hired him back in 2005, during the shooting of LMS, so at which time, Pixar hadn’t even seen LMS. He also tells us how production is scheduled week-by-week all the way until 2010 and the release of TS3, and that he jokes that he is already behind schedule. He also talks about the creative process at Pixar, and how quickly they solve problems there compared to working in live action, and how he’d love to bring some of that process to live action filmmaking. 
It’s an interesting video for amateur screenwriters, but if your just in it for TS3, skip to 52:40min or click Q17- Toy Story 3 in the sidebar on the right. Thanks Will.

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