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Air Talk With Brad Bird

Larry Mantle from 89.3 KPCC’s AirTalk  and historian Charles Solomon, chats with Ratatouille Director Brad Bird, and is now available in podcast format. (Skip to 23:46 to listen to the interview)

I’m sure Incredibles fans will get a kick out of Bird correcting Mantle on animation not being a genre, but a medium, as Bird was very passionate in detailing how he’d punch the next person who called it a genre on the Incredibles DVD commentary. They discuss how Pixar go about deciding on what films to make,  Ratatouille (of course), The Brain Trust, as well as a host of other topics. 
I think this podcast is worth a listen, as Brad seems very comfortable, and you might be reminded of The Incredibles commentary in the freedom he has to discuss certain topics. 
Thanks goes to miafka at the Pixar Planet Forums.

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