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Moving Up The Ladder

The LA Times’ John Horn, writes about previous Pixar employees who have now gone on to direct animated feature films at other studios. 

Some of these people include Jimmy Hayward, an animator at Pixar who moved to Blue Sky Studios in 2002, and has just directed Horton Hears A Who! Then there is Ash Brannon, who is credited with story work on A Bug’s Life and Toy Story, and also the original director of Toy Story 2, he has since moved to Sony Pictures Animation to direct Open Season and Surf’s Up
Probably of most interest is the news of Jan Pinkava having left Pixar to direct animated features for other producers. 

Pinkava speaks highly of Pixar. "It’s a tremendous environment, a company based on everybody wanting to do great animation." But after "Ratatouille" he decided it was time to go. "I was never quite on the inside of Pixar — I was on the edge of the inner circle. But I have no complaints, really. None."

says the article. And all the other artists speak very highly of Pixar too. It’s worth the read of the entire article.

0 Responses to Moving Up The Ladder

  1. Elikrotupos says:

    One of the few people that brought an Oscar to Pixar was “never quite on the inside”? The director of the best Pixar short? How sad…

  2. bennifer3000 says:

    I never really understood what happened with Pinkava, but it’s great to hear that he left on good terms and still speaks highly and respectfully of them.

    From what it sounds like he was great with story and characters, but lacked the director’s eye and shrewdness sometime needed for the job.

  3. MB1000 says:

    And I thought everybody knew about Pinkava leaving! (which is unfortunate)

  4. bennifer3000 says:

    I knew that he left, I just didn’t know for what reason (officially).

  5. Anonymous says:

    They did not say where and what Jan Pinkava is working on.. Jan has got a lot of talent.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Horton is any indication what a past PIXAR worker can do, than talent is coming very soon.

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