The original score for Pixar’s OUT is now available!

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Posted by Joanna • July 3, 2020

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s latest SparkShort “OUT” yet, then I envy you – watching it for the first time is an absolute joy. It’s on Disney+ along with all of the other shorts from Pixar’s experimental shorts programme. You can read our review of it here.

“OUT” was made even more charming by its soundtrack, written by Jake Monaco and Natasha Adorlee. The rainbow space cat and dog duo’s theme – which is titled Pink and Purple in the soundtrack listing (by Natasha Adorlee) – stuck with me in particular. I think it stuck with the protagonist’s parents too, evidenced by the fact that they hum along to it at the end of the short.

You can purchase and listen to the soundtrack now.

Apple Music 



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Incredibles 2 Soundtrack Cover And Playlist Revealed

Incredibles 2, Soundtrack, The Incredibles 2

Posted by Joanna • June 1, 2018

The Incredibles 2 soundtrack cover and playlist has been revealed, and it’s already ticking all the boxes for us! Check out the cover art below:

I’ve always loved how stylised the art is for the Incredibles franchise – it’s bold and vibrant, just like the soundtracks Michael Giacchino has composed for them. We’ve already heard some excerpts of the new soundtrack in the variety of teasers and trailers that have been released over the past few months, particularly in the latest 1-minute clip that we posted about earlier in the week. It didn’t really seem possible that a soundtrack could sound more upbeat and more exciting than the original The Incredibles soundtrack, but Giacchino’s composing superpowers appear to have achieved the impossible!

Have a look at the full playlist below (minor spoilers ahead):

1. Episode 2
2. A Tony Perspective
3. Consider Yourselves Undermined!
4. A Matter of Perception
5. Diggin’ the New Digs
6. This Ain’t My Super-Suit?
7. Elastigirl Is Back
8. Train of Taut
9. Rocky vs. Jack-Jack
10. Ambassador Ambush
11. Hero Worship
12. Searching for a Screenslaver
13. Super Legal Again
14. Renouncing the Renunciation
15. World’s Worst Babysitters
16. Helen of Ploy
17. A Dash of Reality
18. Hydrofoiled Again
19. Jack Splat
20. A Bridge Too Parr
21. Together Forever and Deavor
22. Elastigirl’s Got a Plane to Catch
23. Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen
24. Happily After-Deavor
25. Out and a Bout
26. Incredits 2
27. Here Comes Elastigirl – Elastigirl’s Theme
28. Chill or Be Chilled – Frozone’s Theme
29. Pow! Pow! Pow! – Mr. Incredible’s Theme
30. Devtechno!
31. Chad Tonight Talk Show Theme
32. Chad Tonight Newscast Bumper

So what kind of plot information can we glean from the titles? Looks like Elastigirl will be taking the pilot’s seat again (“Elastigirl’s Got A Plane To Catch”), and I can only assume that “Rocky vs. Jack-Jack” is referring to a face-off between Jack-Jack and his raccoon nemesis. “Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Oxygen” certainly sounds dramatic! We’ll just have to wait until June 15th to find out what on earth that could mean.

You can pre-order the Incredibles 2 soundtrack on now.

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Michael Giacchino turns 50 – a look back at his incredible Pixar career

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Posted by Joanna • October 10, 2017

Today is composer Michael Giacchino’s 50th birthday, and what better day to celebrate his (quite literally) incredible contribution to Pixar movies?

Michael Giacchino is responsible for the film scores of many Pixar works, including both feature length and short films. He wrote the music for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Cars 2, Inside Out, and the short films “One Man Band,” “Lifted,” “La Luna,” “Toy Story of Terror!,” and “Toy Story that Time Forgot.” He’s received numerous nominations and awards for these scores over the years, including 6 awards for The Incredibles, 2 for Ratatouille, and 10 for Up. Next month, we’ll get to hear the soundtrack he has created for Coco and it’s sure to be vibrant and full of life.

Some truly iconic Pixar pieces have been written by Giacchino, including “Married Life,” “Bundle of Joy,” “Free Skating,” and the entire theme of The Incredibles. His music is suited perfectly to Pixar movies – it brings emotions to the forefront and can tell a story purely through the notes, themes, pauses, and swells. For a shining example of this ‘story-telling through music’, look no further than “Married Life” from Up – with no dialogue and set against one of Pixar’s most famous scenes, the score is able to bring to life the poignant story of Carl and Ellie’s married life together. I love the way Pixar often chooses to set dialogue aside and instead rely on expressions and body language to communicate to the audience. These scenes (or even entire short movies) would be nowhere near as powerful without the music of composers such as Giacchino.

There are a few composers that Pixar keep coming back to – and with good reason! It really makes their films feel and sound more unique and recognisable. Nothing is quite as characteristic of Pixar as a Randy Newman piece (Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc), and Thomas Newman’s (Finding Nemo, WALL-E) almost other-worldly sound never fails to transport me to the unexplored worlds of the ocean and outer space. Michael Giacchino always manages to capture the emotion, excitement and character of each of the movies he’s worked on.

So – happy birthday, Michael Giacchino. Thank you for making so many Pixar movies that much more special. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to hear your scores for Coco and The Incredibles 2 (and hopefully even more Pixar movies in the distant future!)

Michael Giacchino and Brad Bird teasing the beginning of work on The Incredibles 2 in May this year

Who is your favourite Pixar composer? And what is your favourite Michael Giacchino score or piece? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter and Facebook!

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Coco Soundtrack: A “Mosaic of Emotions”

Coco, Michael Giacchino, Soundtrack

Posted by Simoa • October 5, 2017

Coco has music in its DNA,” director Lee Unkrich stated, much like its protagonist, Miguel Rivera. And who better to make that music come alive than frequent Pixar collaborator, Michael Giacchino? Also featuring the songwriting talents of husband-wife duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Coco‘s soundtrack promises to be as vibrant as the film itself.

Giacchino worked closely with musical consultant Camilo Lara of the Mexican Institute of Sound in order to craft music that was authentic, original, and beautiful. Giacchino composed a score and also took inspiration from traditional Mexican songs as source music. Original songs written by the Lopez team include Ernesto de La Cruz’s signature “Remember Me,” “Un Poco Loco,” “Everyone Knows Juanita,” “The World Es Mi Familia,” and “Proud Corazon.” Co-director Adrian Molina also contributed to penning the songs. The full tracklist can be found below:

Coco resonated with Giacchino, who described the film as a “mosaic of emotions.”  “It made me think about my family and my connections to relatives back in Italy. This film speaks to everyone.” And the music he’s created is for a story that’s universal, but also wholly Mexican.

You can buy and subsequently bless your ears with the Coco soundtrack on November 10th.

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Two Cars 3 Soundtracks

Cars 3, Soundtrack

Posted by Joanna • May 19, 2017

With Cars 3 under a month away, excitement is definitely building, further fuelled by the fact that two new Cars 3 soundtracks are available for pre-order starting today: the Cars 3 Original Score Soundtrack (pre-order digitally or via Amazon), and the Cars 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (pre-order digitally or via Amazon).

The original score is composed and conducted by Randy Newman, who has written the music for a number of Pixar films in the past, including the first Cars movie. Cars 3 appears to be ‘returning to its roots’ in a sense, focusing again on Lightning McQueen as the main protagonist. With Newman reprising his role as conductor for the movie, it seems that this decision is being mirrored in the soundtrack – a decision that is sure to give Cars 3 that classic ‘Pixar’ nostalgic feeling.

Here’s the full track list:

  1. Storm’s Winning Streak
  2. When All Your Friends Are Gone/Crash
  3. Doc’s Painful Demise
  4. Mater on the Horn
  5. Sistine Chapel on Wheels
  6. Temple of Rust-eze
  7. A Career on a Wall/Electronic Suit
  8. Drip Pan
  9. McQueen’s Wild Ride
  10. Biggest Brand in Racing
  11. Fireball Beach
  12. Pull Over, Now!/Cruz’s Racing Dreams
  13. 1.2%
  14. If This Track Could Talk
  15. Letter About You
  16. Smokey Starts Training/A Blaze of Glory
  17. Starting Dead Last
  18. Flashback & Pit Stop
  19. Through the Pack
  20. Victory Lane
  21. The Fabulous Lightning McQueen

In addition to the original score, Cars 3 will also feature an album of eight songs (two of which are bonus tracks), including both covers and originals inspired by Cars 3 with artists Dan Auerbach, James Bay, Brad Paisley, Andra Day, ZZ Ward, Jorge Blanco, and Lea DeLaria (who voices the new Cars 3 character Miss Fritter!). The original song “Run That Race”, written and performed by Dan Auerbach, will play in the movie’s opening, while ZZ Ward’s original song “Ride” will play during the end-credits.

  1. Run That Race by Dan Auerbach
  2. Kings Highway by James Bay
  3. Truckaroo by Brad Paisley
  4. Thunder Hollow Breakdown by Brad Paisley
  5. Glory Days by Andra Day
  6. Ride [feat. Gary Clark Jr.] by ZZ Ward
  7. Drive my Car by Jorge Blanco (The Beatles cover) *BONUS TRACK*
  8. Freeway of Love by Lea DeLaria (Aretha Franklin cover) *BONUS TRACK*

With such varied and exciting soundtracks, it’ll be a joy to sit through the credits in theatres next month (hopefully in anticipation of a bonus end-credit scene!) Cars 3 will be released in North American theatres June 16th.

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Inside Out soundtrack

Inside Out, Michael Giacchino, Soundtrack

Posted by Simoa • May 27, 2015

With the North American release of Inside Out just a little over three weeks away, excitement continues to build. Now the official soundtrack, composed by Pixar veteran Michael Giacchino is available for preorder on Amazon, and Film Music Reporter has the full track listing, as well as the cover art.

The design is simple but colorful, abstract almost, and represents all the various colors of the emotions. The list of songs appears below:

1. Bundle of Joy
2. Team Building
3. Nomanisone Island/National Movers
4. Overcoming Sadness
5. Free Skating
6. First Day of School
7. Riled Up
8. Goofball No Longer
9. Memory Lanes
10. The Forgetters
11. Chasing the Pink Elephant
12. Abstract Thought
13. Imagination Land
14. Down in the Dumps
15. Dream Productions
16. Dream a Little Nightmare
17. The Subconscious Basement
18. Escaping the Subconscious
19. We Can Still Stop Her
20. Tears of Joy
21. Rainbow Flyer
22. Chasing Down Sadness
23. Joy Turns to Sadness/A Growing Personality
24. The Joy of Credits

Michael Giacchino has previously scored The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Cars 2, and Up. His music has really made an indelible mark on each film, and we can only expect the best here! The album drops June 16th. Check back here for more Inside Out news, including a review of the enchanting art book.

Thanks to Daniel Jensen for the heads up!


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Michael Giacchino to Score ‘Inside Out’

Inside Out, Michael Giacchino, Soundtrack

Posted by Brkyo614 • May 27, 2014

Hot on the heels of his work on Toy Story of Terror, Michael Giacchino already has another project lined up with Pixar. In an interview held at a live performance of his Star Trek Into Darkness score, the composer shared which projects he’ll be involved with in the coming months. In addition to Jurassic World and Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, Giacchino noted that he’ll be scoring Pixar’s Inside Out – his second collaboration with director Pete Docter after 2009’s Up.

An attendee recorded the full Q&A with Giacchino, which can be viewed below (via Pixar Post). Inside Out is mentioned around 21:30.

Michael Giacchino isn’t the only composer Pixar has plans with; back in March 2013, Thomas Newman revealed that he would be writing the score for Pixar’s then-2014 release, The Good Dinosaur. It’s unclear whether the film’s delay to November 2015 has affected his involvement.

Inside Out releases on June 19, 2015.

Are you a fan of Giacchino’s work with Pixar?

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‘Toy Story of Terror’ Gets a Soundtrack Release

Michael Giacchino, Soundtrack, Toy Story of Terror!

Posted by Brkyo614 • October 4, 2013

While Pixar has consistently rolled out soundtracks for their features, their short films have gotten a far less favorable treatment; only The Blue Umbrella‘s score has received a formal release. Before today, it was unclear whether the music for Toy Story of Terror would be handled the same way. Thankfully, Amazon has confirmed that an MP3 release of the short’s score is on the way!

The Michael Giacchino-helmed soundtrack will be available on October 15. Here’s the track list:

  1. The Suspension Is Killing Me
  2. Thinking Inside the Box
  3. Motel Me a Scary Story
  4. I’ve Got a Bag Feeling About This
  5. Why’d It Have to Be Crawl Spaces?
  6. The Ballad of Combat Carl
  7. Iguana Be Kidding Me
  8. Nobody Puts Jessie in the Box
  9. Rock ‘Em Box ‘Em Robots
  10. Pink Peanut Panic
  11. World’s Worst Curtain Call
  12. FedExit (End Credits)

Pre-order the album at Amazon — the special airs on ABC the following day.

Are you looking forward to hearing Giacchino’s music?

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‘The Blue Umbrella’ Soundtrack Releasing July 9 [UPDATE: Now Available]

Soundtrack, The Blue Umbrella

Posted by Brkyo614 • June 27, 2013

Somehow this slipped by: Jon Brion and Sarah Jaffe’s wonderful music for The Blue Umbrella is set to release on iTunes next month, according to Soundtrack.Net and The Blue Umbrella Facebook page.

The official description reads:

The Blue Umbrella features a score by composer Jon Brion, with vocals by singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe (The Body Wins, Suburban Nature).

The director was listening to Jaffe’s music when he began work on the short. "There’s such an intimacy to her sound that touches you right at the core," Unseld said. "I always thought hers would be the perfect voice to make people care deeply about a love story between two umbrellas."

Brion, whose credits include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Punch-Drunk Love, created a score that sublimely supports the wide-ranging emotional undertones of the short.

"You can see how Saschka sees things," said Jaffe. "Everything has this life of its own. Objects in our everyday life are characters too. It’s really beautiful."

Perhaps Disney may finally put out a Pixar short film soundtrack collection if this release succeeds. Regardless, it’s certainly worth looking forward to!

The Blue Umbrella is now playing in theaters alongside Monsters University.

What did you think of the music in The Blue Umbrella?

UPDATE: Though the page still lists July 9 as the release date, iTunes now has two versions of The Blue Umbrella‘s score up for purchase; one with Sarah Jaffe’s vocals, and one without. Head over to iTunes to purchase it now!

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Randy Newman’s ‘Monsters University’ Score Now Available!

Monsters University, Randy Newman, Soundtrack

Posted by Brkyo614 • June 18, 2013

His seventh soundtrack for Pixar, Randy Newman’s score for Monsters University has just been released in both MP3 format and on a physical CD.

The album contains 20 tracks – 19 by Randy Newman, one by Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso that was recently released as a single – and it strongly evokes a classic Pixar feel. Be warned that supplies are very limited for the physical edition, so order sooner rather than later.

Download the score now from Amazon or iTunes.

Let us know what you think of the soundtrack!

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