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Michael Giacchino to Score ‘Inside Out’

Hot on the heels of his work on Toy Story of Terror, Michael Giacchino already has another project lined up with Pixar. In an interview held at a live performance of his Star Trek Into Darkness score, the composer shared which projects he’ll be involved with in the coming months. In addition to Jurassic World and Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, Giacchino noted that he’ll be scoring Pixar’s Inside Out – his second collaboration with director Pete Docter after 2009’s Up.

An attendee recorded the full Q&A with Giacchino, which can be viewed below (via Pixar Post). Inside Out is mentioned around 21:30.

Michael Giacchino isn’t the only composer Pixar has plans with; back in March 2013, Thomas Newman revealed that he would be writing the score for Pixar’s then-2014 release, The Good Dinosaur. It’s unclear whether the film’s delay to November 2015 has affected his involvement.

Inside Out releases on June 19, 2015.

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