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CinemaCon Attendees React to ‘Monsters University’!

Disney had a few Pixar-related surprises at their CinemaCon panel earlier today. In addition to a few seconds of The Good Dinosaur, Pixar fans were treated to a full-length (though unfinished) cut of Monsters University! A few attendees shared their reactions on Twitter, and they’re extremely encouraging:

"Monsters University (by MrDanScanlon) is a fun broad college comedy set in a cleverly designed world, surprising turns & gutsy message"
—Peter Sciretta, slashfilm

"While there is no Boo, Monsters Univ has as much heart as Monsters Inc. I love love love the message in it, another wonderful Pixar movie."
—Alex Billington, firstshowing

"Disney just screened MONSTERS UNIVERSITY in its entirety! It’s smart, funny and makes me want to rewatch MONSTERS INC immediately."

"Just screened all of Monsters University at CinemaCon! Funny, clever and beautifully animated: what I expect from Pixar."
—Eric Eisenberg, eeisenberg

UPDATE: Alex Billington and Peter Sciretta expand on their opinions in a brief reaction video:

And a full written review from io9 (some spoilers): "Monsters University is the Revenge of the Nerds remake we want"

We’ll be sure to add any more impressions as they come along. Looks like Monsters University is set to be another Pixar winner, even among those disappointed by Brave and Cars 2. There’s now just over 2 months left until the film premieres on June 21.

Have these thoughts made you more excited for MU?

3 Responses to CinemaCon Attendees React to ‘Monsters University’!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone say how much of it wasn’t finished? I’m sure it’s the same version that we’ll see tomorrow in Ann Arbor for the pre-screening.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Um, of course it makes me more excited! I’m so glad that Pixar is getting great reviews for this film, since they haven’t for their last two, Brave and Cars 2, although I don’t always trust the critics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Anon 1: Likely very close to completion – all of the animation for the film was finished a while back. There may have still been a few unlit scenes and/or temp soundtrack and sound effects.

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