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Colorful New ‘Monsters University’ Poster!

The last batch of Monsters University posters took a very plain design approach, mostly featuring some character renders against a plain background. The latest, however, does the complete opposite, cramming dozens of the film’s colorful characters together to show off their school pride!

Be sure to click for the high-resolution version, as the poster is absolutely brimming with bright character designs and details. It’s very reminiscent of the similarly jam-packed Toy Story 3 poster, only with a bit more breathing room. 

Look for this eye-catching poster in theaters leading up to Monsters University‘s June 21 premiere!

(Via Nerdist)

One Response to Colorful New ‘Monsters University’ Poster!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww, Randall actually looks really cute. Is it me though, or are a lot of these monsters blue and purple?

    Anyway, can’t wait to see Pixar’s first ever prequel, countless of whether or not it’s going to be to the same standards as they usually have. If it won’t be emotional, it’s certainly gonna be funny!

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