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Reports On Pixar Visit [Updated x3] were invited to tour Pixar and view the first 30 minutes of WALL•E during WonderCon 2008. Anthony Baratta has written up a full report of the event, as well as possible issues with the film from the footage they saw.

They have also posted the audio from the question and answer session afterwards with director, Andrew Stanton.
Check it all out here.
Please be aware of possible spoilers in the links in this post.
UPDATE: Animation World Magazine were also invited to this event and have written a 3 page report. Click Here to read it, however, beware of spoilers.
Thanks Skippy.

UPDATE 2: Jo-Blo’s Quigles, writes about his experience at Pixar during the visit, including a transcript of an interview with Andrew Stanton. 
Also, Patrick Klepek of MTV’s Multiplayer blog, writes about getting through Pixar security into the theatre at the event. (NOTE: This has to do with an event held in conjunction with THQ. Thanks MB1000)
UPDATE 3: IGN was also in attendance. Read their report here. Thanks Skippy.

Rotten Tomatoes were also among those at Pixar. Read their report here.

0 Responses to Reports On Pixar Visit [Updated x3]

  1. Mitch says:

    Very interesting. I’ll have to listen to that audio commentary later….

    Thank you for the information and link!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s the second account I’ve read about there being some questions about whether or not WALL-E might appeal to families because of its “controversial” content. I have to say it makes me want to see it even more.

  3. MB1000 says:

    I don’t believe in spoilers 🙂

  4. You guys have to look at the WALL-E seat in the Pixar atrium (in the MTV article). So cute! And they also have the Ratatouille ‘knives’ standee at the entrance, as well. Sweet!

  5. Jibiti says:

    EVE sure likes to laugh.

  6. MB1000 says:

    Just wanting to point out that the account about getting through security is not related to the Febuary event. It relates to the event put on last week in conjunction with THQ.

  7. martini833 says:

    The first act was spoiled for me… again. Oh well, it happened to me on Cars & Ratatouille, the latter which I watched 2 weeks early.

  8. martini: such is the life of a Pixar obsesser. 😉

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