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Dug’s Special Mission: Up DVD/Blu-ray Exclusive Short [UPDATED]

We all know that Pixar adds a new short film to their new DVD/Blu-ray release, what we didn’t know is what exactly would be included with Up.

We also don’t know what Dug’s Special Mission is, but we’ll be finding out this Fall! What we did know (or at least we predicted) was that Ronnie del Carmen would be directing. A little back story: The pack of dogs Alpha, Beta and Gamma send Dug on this phony excursion, but as it turns out, the dopey dog ends up finding what they were looking for! The new Pixar short film, Dug’s Special Mission, chronicles what it was that the lovable talking mutt was doing before he meets Carl and Russell.

This announcement comes from SciFi Wire’s interview with Up producer Jonas Rivera who tells the website:
"You can imagine we collect so much stuff along the way that doesn’t make it in… There’s, like, volumes and volumes…"
Of course, he’s talking about the great stuff you’ll find in The Art of Up (out today) and the exclusive home video release of Dug’s Special Mission. In more Up DVD/Blu-ray news, Jonas Rivera confirms that the Pixar team has prepared lots of making of featurettes and documentaries on subjects like the tepuis.

Update: The Sci-Fi Wire article seems to have been taken down…

Related: Let’s not forget about the theatrical short Partly Cloudy which you’ll be able to see in just 3 days and of course on the home video. Also, support Ronnie del Carmen’s new book My Name is Dug, by purchasing it here.

(Thanks, JD/via SciFi Wire)

What do you think about this announcement? Was it what you expected? Are you excited?

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  1. woody says:

    I pretty excited! Dug was by far, the funniest and my favorite in the whole movie! 😀

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