Early 'Up' Test Screening Appears Promising

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Blogger Larry Fire and his wife were lucky enough to attend a test screening of Pixar’s 2009 feature flick, Up, last night. As usual with test screenings, the feature was cut together with storyboards, rough and finished animation. 

"The movie plot was completely original but somewhat dark with many adult themes (aging, loss, separation and unfinished promises). Both my wife and I welled up at a few scenes and there is a memorable montage that depicts a couple’s life together that is so poignant, even the toughest critic will be moved. There are still some very funny moments but this picture really stands on its own and is difficult to compare to its Pixar predecessors."

says Larry. although he doesn’t give a final overall word on how good (or bad) the film is, albeit it does sound promising.   He has now added his final thoughts on the film recommending the film to others noting that what he saw was "top notch".

Read his entire thoughts here. Thanks Larry.

Last modified: October 28, 2008