First Scoop on 'Brave' DVD Short!

Brave DVD News Short Film

Since the release of Monsters, Inc. and Mike’s New Car, Pixar has typically made it a tradition to include a feature-based short in their home video releases. Often expanding on events occurring alongside the film (Jack Jack Attack, BURN-E), they provide additional insight into characters who didn’t get much screen time. And according to Callum O’Neill, who plays Wee Dingwall in Brave, the movie’s DVD short will shed some light on a few of the film’s minor characters.

Speaking with Female First, the actor divulged that "There is a short film in the Brave DVD, that is being put in there as an extra, it is about two minutes long and is a scene between my character and Julie Walters’ character the witch." He then goes on to describe the solitary nature of the recording process: he never met Julie Walters while working on the same scene.

This is speculation, but it sounds like the short could be a series of vignettes in which each of the film’s three suitors discover the witch’s cottage. It’s a fairly original premise and it’d be a great chance to expand upon the underdeveloped witch. Nothing is official yet, but stay tuned as more DVD details are released.

Brave arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on November 13.

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Last modified: August 20, 2012