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First Up Trailer Arrives

Check out the first trailer for Disney•Pixar’s Up, due out May 29, 2009 below. Up is directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson.

Here are direct download links for the HD versions: 480p, 720p, 1080p
Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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  1. Mitch says:

    Ha-ha. Adorable. I’m really looking forward to seeing this….

    Most of the footage shown during the trailer was aired at the Comic-Con… during the “Up/Bolt” panel. There were a few seconds of animation that I had never seen before, however.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I wasn’t happy, excited, and hollering earlier, I sure am now! Does anone know if that’s the actual score they’ll be using?
    The whole thing reminds me of a 18th-century sailing ship’s voyage; in my opinion, awesomeness at it’s best.
    I’m already in line for tickets. Way to go, Pixar!

  3. Al-Bob says:

    Really great…
    Love the part when the kid asks to come in..
    A great trailer…Up should be just as good as Walle if it is as good as its trailer is.

  4. Netbug009 says:

    ALRIGHT! I’ve been waiting for this one!

    ….Though, I’m a little… I dunno. On one hand, I’ happy to see the really cool Pixar montage (with WALL-E! Yay!) but we just did something similar on the last film and… I guess 2 is okay, but if this becomes a habit of every Pixar film i starts to feel really namedropping on Disney’s part.

    But anyways, I can’t wait! I’ve been convinced that nothing it going to replace WALL-E for me any time soon (If PIXAR beats WALL-E, it may be too much awesome for me to handle. seriously) but this looks like another great Pixar film and something I could laugh till I cry watching. Not the best trailer though. I hope they make another one. The first WALL-E trailer was pretty similar. Name dropping/a little footage. The second one was great tho.

    Bah, trailers schmailers. It’s Pixar. I’m going.

  5. CountSolo says:

    That was great! It looks like Pixar’s about to release its tenth masterpiece in a row.

  6. bennifer3000 says:

    @Anonymous’ Comment: “Does anone know if that’s the actual score they’ll be using?”

    No, but it’s Giacchino, so needless to say it will be incredible either way.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This appears to be a return to what made Pixar great! A film that truly appeals to both kids and adults, instead of some adult-oriented story being shoe-horned into an animated film. While Ratatouille was a brilliant film, it left my daughter less than impressed. She has been unwilling to see it a second time. Cars was something entirely different. We have seen that one in excess of 50 times, 5 of which were paid tickets at the local Cineplex. Wall-E was too heavy-handed in terms of environmental message. My daughter and I were disappointed on our first viewing, but hopeful our attitude will change when the dvd hits stores, though I am doubtful. UP! has a lighthearted, adventure quality to it that better serves moviegoers in search of fun escapism and a rollicking good time. Good storytelling can achieve this without excluding age groups (The Incredibles, Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo). Looking forward to this one very much.

    Mike Thompson
    Self-proclaimed Pixar enthusiast

  8. mnmears says:

    I’m just wondering if Ed Asner will get to use one of his most famous lines from The Mary Tyler Moore Show …

    “You’ve got spunk … I hate spunk” …

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