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High Res French WALL•E Poster

French Pixar site, Buzz & Cie, have recieved a high-res (2835×3780) french poster of WALL•E. It is the same one as one of the Russian posters we saw earlier, except in french.

While you are at Buzz & Cie, be sure to download the WALL•E "Love Is In The Air" trailer in glorious 720p HD. It’s certainly my favourite trailer so far, and wish Disney would shorten it into an english TV spot.

Thanks Frederic.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Um, do you guys know where I could find the hi res version of the blue-ish WALL-E poster that has him stands on a pile of garbage and looks up to the starry night sky? I love that poster and can’t find the hi res. Thanks a lot.

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