Holzer on 'The Pixar Story'

Cars News Review The Pixar Story

Leo Holzer, as you may remember is a guest writer overt at Jim Hill Media, writes about Leslie Iwerks’ newest documentary, The Pixar Story which airs tonight at 10pm after Cars on Starz!.

He discusses The Pixar Story‘s potential to make millions at the box office if Disney had have given it a theatrical run it deserved, and how he thinks it should most definitely be released on DVD to sit alongside your other Pixar DVD’s in its rightful place.
Have a read before or after you watch it tonight if you have access to this channel. Leo suggests recording it on your TiVo or DVR, and if you don’t have the channel, find someone that does and get them to record it and lend it to you! I can assure you now that thousands of people around the world would be extremely grateful if a copy made its way onto the internet for us non-US citizens to view, just because the possibility of it reaching DVD still seems to be up in the air. 
Thanks Leo.

Last modified: April 22, 2008