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In-Jokes in Up + Opening Weekend Surprise

SlashFilm took the time to collect a list of inside jokes cleverly hidden in Up by Pixar. Of course, clicking on the links leads to possible spoilers such as key locations and events!

If you’ve been checking the boards and/or saw the movie, I’d expect you found the main in-jokes, but here they are anyhow. Did you find A113, How about the Pizza Planet Truck? Spoiler warning: A113 is next to the courtroom door and the Pizza Planet truck can be seen twice, first during Carl’s flight through the city and later at the very end of the movie wile Carl and Russell eat ice cream.

There’s a ton more to find but here are some of my favorites: Lotso from Toy Story 3, the Luxo ball from Luxo Jr. and the Burger cake. You can see the rest in this fantastic post by Peter Sciretta of Slash Film.
Speaking of hidden in-jokes, Jonas Rivera is back at to reveal the main in-jokes in Up. The site says you have the chance to win the entire Pixar library (on DVD?) if you text BALLOON to 347639. Good luck!

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