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Inside Out at Cannes

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Inside Out premiered today at the prestigious Cannes festival in France, and the response was CFSaXdwWIAA135O overwhelmingly positive. Reviews have started to trickle in, praising the film for its creativity. These reviews aren’t unlike the earlier ones that have come about, but its first major audience has been enthusiastic.
Photos on the right: Director Pete Docter with Pixar chief John Lasseter and producer Jonas Rivera at the Inside Out Cannes photocall.
Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair wrote:

It’s a film that revels in the simple, and yetprofound, wonder of being alive. Oh, the places that Riley, and all of us, too, have yet to go.

The Hollywood Reporter’s review was similarly glowing:

This latest conceptually out-there creation from Pete Docter(Monsters, Inc., Up) serves up some abstractions and flights of deconstructive fantasy that will probably fly over the heads of viewers with ages in the single digits, but this adventurous outing manages the great Pixar trick of operating on two levels—captivating fun for kids, disarming smarts for adults—that sets the studio apart. Reliably big summer grosses appear in store.


At the risk of hyperbole, people will still be thinking in terms of these anthropomorphized Emotions long after movies as we know them are gone, in the distant future, when screens are obsolete and immersive stories are beamed directly into your frontal lobe. There’s a reason they call Pixar’s inner team the “Brain Trust”: They can be counted on not only to imagine, but to execute such original ideas as these.

It’s clear that the film is able to execute the concept in an original, inventive way. This is certainly the perfect film to end Pixar’s hiatus.

Last modified: May 18, 2015

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