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James Ford Murphy talks ‘Lava’ and Pixar

Back in August, a small teaser for Pixar’s upcoming short ‘Lava’ was released, debuting the stunning animation and music. Thanks to Collider, we also have two new high-res stills, as well as an interview with director James Ford Murphy!

The interview, which you can watch here, details Murphy’s path to Pixar and his contributions to such films as A Bug’s Life, Cars, and The Incredibles.

He also speaks in depth about ‘Lava’ and the challenges associated with animating volcanoes. This is a chance to really appreciate the kinds of risks and innovations involved with animation and making something like a volcano a character infused with personality. Not only that, the technical aspect is also something to marvel at.

You can also learn about how ‘Lava’ was chosen to accompany Pixar’s full length feature Inside Out. (A perfect pairing according to Murphy). Both will premiere on June 19th, 2015.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The audinece I saw it with thought it’s the weakest pixar short cartoon. It looks ok but really doesn’t do anything and the song is boring and long. I hope Pixar keeps making short cartoons though.

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