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Japanese ‘Monsters University’ Trailer Reveals New Plot Points!

Japanese Pixar trailers typically have been more serious than their American counterparts, delving deeper into the emotional backbone behind the story. And this is certainly the case with the latest Monsters University trailer from Japan, which proves that MU will clearly be a more Mike-centric movie.

Although in Japanese, it’s not hard to decipher what’s going on in the trailer below, so beware of spoilers:

I was worried that Monsters University would lack heart, but some of the scenes in this trailer help alleviate my fears. Look for the film in Japanese theaters on July 6 and the US on June 21!

Your thoughts?

3 Responses to Japanese ‘Monsters University’ Trailer Reveals New Plot Points!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hm… well, after watching the Japanese trailer, I’m not as convinced. It seems to follow the standard (way too overused) story about following ones dreams when one tells you you can’t (the teacher is telling Mike he can’t, and when Young-Mike tries to scare the human girl, she says “ah, how cute!” instead)… um… not that it’s bad per se, but the one thing I really loved about Pixar fare has been their originality… but lately it seems to be lacking. Instead, I’m looking forward to their next two movies (the inside-the-head one, and day-of-the-dead one), which at least seem to be much more original instead of tried-and-true tropes. I did like Monsters Inc (the original) but I’m not going to be expecting too much from M2 (it’s looking like it’ll be in the realm of “well-done but not all that original” catagory…)

  2. Anonymous says:

    The emotional part of this is even though Mike is trying his best to be a SCARER, we know in the end he actually doesn’t become one 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    ^ exactly, and hopefully they explore that. it’d be a nice spin on the overdone “follow your dreams” thing.

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