John Carter of Mars vs. Brave?

John Carter of Mars News The Bear and The Bow (Brave)

In the summer of 2012, a Scottish princess-turned-archer will be pitted against a Martian warrior.

That’s right — Disney has set John Carter of Mars for a June 8th release, just one week before Brave in the same year! Sounds like there’s going to be a Disney feud at the box office…

One could argue that Andrew Stanton’s live action debut has a vastly different audience than Pixar’s first film centered around a female lead. But when analyzing the studio’s 15 years of box office success, demographics don’t seem relevant.

I’m honestly not sure why Disney would pit their big 2012 flagship films against each other. It seems a little misguided. I also don’t think either film will be able to perform at their optimum potential, but who will suffer the most: will John Carter overshadow Brave or will the complete opposite happen in Carter’s second weekend?

…and we thought Twilight was Pixar’s biggest worry! Your thoughts?

(Release date via Box Office Mojo)

Last modified: August 9, 2010