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Luxo Jr. at Pixar Place Confirmed?/More Disney’s Hollywood Studios Rumors

Last month we got a mysterious tip from a reader who decided to stay anonymous about a Luxo Jr. animatronic coming to the Pixar Place section of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Now, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting (and citing Upcoming Pixar as the origins for the rumor) that construction walls have gone up yet again in this Pixar themed area, home of Toy Story Midway Mania! They have reason to believe that the enclosure will soon house something "Luxo." Specifically in the Lighting section of Pixar Place where I would presume the rumored animatronic version of Pixar’s "mascot" Luxo Jr. will be seen by visitors of the park. This robot, not unlike the "live" Remy and WALL•E, is part of Disney’s Living Character Initiative. Further proof that we’ll be seeing the lamp comes from this document that states construction is under way for an "aluminum structure" which has "Luxo at [the Toy Story] Mania Building."

More: In related news, there are tons of rumors coming out for the future of this section of the park. You may remember the reports of a Monsters, Inc. rollercoaster coming in 2011. Well I was looking at the most recent version of the Walt Disney World Resort brochure and in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios section there was a half exposed Sulley. Seems like a tease for something big to come considering Monsters, Inc. isn’t a big presence at Hollywood Studios, then again it could be an allusion to the Block Party Bash parade, but still it seems suspicious.

I’m really excited for the future of Pixar Place and DHS (my favorite park) in general now that John Lasseter is a big influence over at Imagineering. For now, I’d say this rumor has been confirmed, full story is developing…

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  1. woody says:

    Wow! I totally agree, I think the whole Pixar Place has made DHS a lot better.. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this wonderful park!

  2. Oooh, sneaky, sneaky.

    I wouldn’t say Luxo Jr. is a recognisable of a character and has as much of a pull as WALL-E, but you KNOW I’d be all over that as a Pixar fan. I suppose people might recognise him from the Pixar logo… I wonder how big Luxo Jr. is going to be and whether he’ll have tracks on the bottom, or he’ll jump around. That would be cool if they had the technology to make him jump around.

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