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Woody’s Round Up 12/7/18

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Posted by Simoa • December 7, 2018

Welcome back to Woody’s Round Up! With all the speculation about Toy Story 4 and the excitement over the Annie and Golden Globe nominations for Incredibles 2, some other noteworthy happenings may have slipped your radar. But no worries, we’ve compiled a list here.

Jolly Holiday at Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land has been decorated just in time for Christmas and the holidays! I’m especially fond of this giant Hamm sugar cookie complete with Santa Hat:

Hope they’ll be selling edible versions in the park…

And check out these ornaments I definitely want on my tree at home!

You can see more of the decorations on the Disney Parks blog. Here’s a video of the decorations going up:

Light it Up Luxo

Pixar Pier at Disneyland also got a lovely addition in the form of animatronic Luxo Jr. atop the marquee. While the technology has not yet evolved for Luxo to bound off its perch and stomp anywhere (or on anything), it would be quite a treat to be welcomed by the energetic lamp to California Adventure. Watch Luxo in action below:

More photos at Laughing Place.

Tears of Candy Galore

Bing Bong’s Sweet Shop opened at Pixar Pier over the summer, and a new statue has been installed inside.

Bing Bong isn’t animatronic, but he does play audio from Inside Out, as reported by WDW News Today. I’m sure everyone who visits will be crying happy tears too! They just won’t taste as sweet.

Teddy Newton’s Sneaks

Teddy Newton, mastermind behind some of Pixar’s most brilliant story ideas and indelible artwork, as well as the director of ‘Day & Night’ will be directing his first feature length film! Although not a Pixar production, Sneaks is worth supporting. The official synopsis describes it as follows:

Sneaks centers on a group of misplaced sneakers that end up lost in New York City and must find a way to work together in order to get back to their “sole mates.”

The film will also be Ohio’s first animated feature, and Pixar production designer Ricky Nierva will also be part of the crew. It’s always wonderful to see Pixarians branching out, and we wish them both great success. Read more about Sneaks at THR.

Expanding Toy Story

A Toy Story 4 graphic novel anthology will be hitting shelves ahead of the film’s release next June. Released by Dark Horse comics in collaboration with Pixar, the anthology is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and comic book stores. More details and art will surface before the May 7th release date, so stay tuned for more!

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Pixar Launches New Experimental Shorts Department

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Posted by Nia • May 28, 2017

It was recently revealed that in August, Pixar will be hosting a panel at SIGGRAPH titled, “Smash and Grab: Off-The-Rails Filmmaking at Pixar.” The summary of the panel gave us some insight into what some of the talented folks have been up to in between projects at the studio:

“Pixar launched an internal, experimental storytelling initiative to create short films without executive oversight, to explore new creative visions and increase studio opportunities. This talk shares Pixar’s six-month journey of creating seven-minute shorts, with limited resources, amidst the backdrop of a busy studio, juggling multiple feature productions.”

Cartoon Brew reported the first film produced through this new division is aptly titled Smash and Grab, and will be directed by Brian Larsen. Larsen himself has plenty of experience at Pixar in the story trenches – serving as Story Supervisor on Brave and Head of Story on Piper, just to name a few.

Pixar’s first few short films, The Adventures of André and Wally B and Luxo JR., initially put the studio on the map and showcased what was to come with technology driving animation. The fact that the studio is continuing to push the boundaries of storytelling with their famed short films, and finding time to make new projects with an already grueling film schedule is quite impressive and inspiring.

We can’t wait to find out more about Smash and Grab, and their new shorts unit.

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Woody’s News Round Up! 12/28/14

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Posted by Simoa • December 28, 2014

We hope everyone had a festive, restful holiday! With 2014 coming to a close, we have a list of Pixar news you may have missed over the past couple of weeks.

Luxo Jr. added to the National Film Registry: The 1986 short, directed by John Lasseter and Bill Reeves, was one of 25 films selected for the 2014 registry. As part of the Library of Congress, the film registry is dedicated to highlighting films for their “cultural, historical or aesthetic significance.” The iconic short, featuring two lamps come to life, was nominated for an Academy Award and was the first 3D animated film to do so. The smaller of the two even became Pixar’s mascot as the instantly recognizable bouncing lamp in the studio’s logo. “Luxo Jr.” joins two other Pixar films in the registry, the 1988 short “Tin Toy” and the 1995 feature Toy Story.

Navajo translation of Finding Nemo underway
: Disney-Pixar are partnering with the Navajo Nation Museum to release a Navajo version of 2003’s wildly popular Finding Nemo. The Navajo Nation is the largest Native American population in the U.S., with more than 300,000 members, yet the language is virtually unspoken among children. Tribal leaders are optimistic that a Navajo Finding Nemo will encourage children to become enthusiastic speakers. To learn more about their efforts and just how crucial the language is to this Native American community, continue reading here.

New Inside Out still and concept art: Inside Out is now roughly 6 months away! With two teaser trailers, as well as character introductory videos for the five emotions, and their own individual character posters, there will be plenty more to look forward to in the upcoming months as the film’s release date edges closer. The newest still from Entertainment Weekly features Joy (Amy Poehler) in what appears to be the memory storage room of the mind. The bottom image of Joy is concept art by Ralph Eggleston and Albert Lozano with the glowing memory orbs. Thanks to the Inside Out tumblr page as well as Sammax883 on twitter for the EW image. We’d also like to thank Pixar Post for sharing this new bit of concept art.

Be sure to check back here for more Pixar news in the new year and have a happy 2015!

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Available Today From Pixar: Up on Blu-ray/DVD, Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray + Much More!

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Posted by Martin • November 10, 2009

November 10th has proven to be a very important date for Pixar fans this year. 

In stores today you’ll find 5 brand new releases from the Lamp. Below I’ve compiled a shopping guide for your convenience:

Up on Blu-ray/DVD: This is easily the most anticipated release from Pixar this year, and all for good reason, check out my review to see why. Directed by Pete Docter, Up will be available in three variations, 4-Disc Blu-ray, 2-Disc DVD and 1-Disc DVD. The best value has got to be the 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack which includes exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else. When buying this new release check for any promotions the store is having and look at all the flyers inside for Disney Movie Rewards and more exciting Up offers. Note that all releases include the standard DVD with Dug’s Special Mission, Partly Cloudy, commentary and minimal featurettes. This release is not to be missed by fans!
SRP: $45.99 (Blu-ray) Best Price: $19.99 Amazon Digital Download: iTunes

Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray: Both of Pete Docter’s films will be in the spotlight today as they are newly released on home video. The digital files of Pixar’s 2001 classic, Monsters, Inc., are uncompressed for maximum viewing pleasure. Included in the discs are the Filmmaker’s Roundtable (filmed at Hidden City Cafe), a brand new game, and a look into Japan’s MI ride. Also included in this 4-Disc set is a digital copy and the original DVD release of the film. If you haven’t already, give my review a looksie.
SRP: $40.99 Best Price: $22.99 Amazon

Luxo Jr. Premium Pack: If you want to own a piece of the big Disney/Luxo conflict, you’re in luck. It seems as though the Disney Store is still carrying this controversial set. Included in the package is a replica Luxo Jr. (not made by Luxo ASA) and the Up 4-Disc Blu-ray. The Luxo Jr. Premium Pack will only be available for a limited time so order as soon as possible. It may be your only chance to have a physical Luxo Jr. to match Pixar’s famous intro.
SRP: $199.99 Best Price: $199.99 Disney Store

Cars Blu-ray Ultimate Gift Pack: For the biggest Cars fans out there! This brand new set includes the previously released Cars Blu-ray now packaged with a DVD and two exclusive die-cast cars. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your resident Cars fanatic since it’s packaged with many aspects of The World of Cars franchise.
SRP: $49.99 Best Price: $31.49 Amazon

The Pixar Treasures: Tim Hauser’s (The Art of WALL•E) latest book, The Pixar Treasures, compiles tons of goodies from the world of Pixar. Notable examples include sketches from Pixarians, wrap party invitations and rare photographs. This 64-page coffee table book showcases the history and legacy of Pixar in a new and fresh way!
SRP: $60.00 Best Price: $37.80 Amazon

Happy shopping! Please tell us what you bought and how you liked it below.

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Luxo/Disney Settle Over Jr. “Custody Case”

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Posted by Martin • November 4, 2009

A few months back we were all surprised by Luxo AS’s lawsuit over Disney/Pixar’s new uses of it’s iconic mascot, and more importantly, what would come of this court case.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Esq., both companies came to an "amicable settlement" over the conflict. It almost plays out like a custody case determining who has rights to Jr. The mess all started when Disney decided to manufacture and sell Luxo Jr. lamps packaged with the Up Blu-ray. Understandably, the lamp manufacturing giant didn’t take a liking to this move citing that such products would shed their company’s promise of quality in bad light, no pun intended.

With this settlement’s wording, it is not clear if we’ll still see a consumer version of Pixar’s mascot even though a pre-order is still available at Disney Store. On the other hand, we can be sure that Luxo Jr. will still hop into Pixar’s logo before every film. Luxo has agreed that they have no problem with "artistic depictions" of their lamps just like they said back in 1986. No one has to worry that John Lasseter’s inspired caricature may have to suffer a horribly hilarious fate as depicted by College Humor!!

I’m glad both Disney and Luxo AS could come to such an agreement, shows they’re not in it to cheat each other out of their money.

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Lawsuit! Screams Luxo

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Posted by Martin • September 5, 2009

As most Pixar fans know, John Lasseter was inspired by his own Luxo brand lamp for Pixar’s first short film, Luxo Jr.

The Norwegian lamp manufacturer, Luxo ASA, which settled with Pixar over the name "Luxo Jr." more than 20 years ago, is filing a new complaint in New York federal court over the name’s use in limited edition products by Disney.

What do they mean by that? According to the Oslo-based company, Disney/Pixar hasn’t merchandised products using "Luxo Jr." explicitly until now. Apparently this breaches past agreements and would "cause devastating damage to Luxo and dilute the goodwill which Luxo has built up." Luxo ASA is citing the Luxo Jr. Premium Combo Pack and the animatronic Luxo Jr. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as infringing on their trademark.

In my opinion, the complaint is ridiculous considering Pixar and Luxo came to a settlement way back in the 80’s over the use of their name. So why does it matter now? Oh wait, it’s because Disney’s making money off of it in an actual tangible product. I’d have thought that Luxo would be happy about their name being spread by one of the most trusted entities in the movie industry. But it’s all about money isn’t it…

A spokesperson for Disney said he/she hadn’t been informed and wouldn’t comment until he/she read through the complaint. If you’ve read The Pixar Touch, you’ll know that the studio has been slammed with countless lawsuits and typically wins the cases. I wonder how this one will go. Hopefully Disney/Pixar can hop away unscathed.

Your thoughts…?

(via Stitch Kingdom/Source: Bloomberg)

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More Details on Monsters, Inc. Blu-ray and Luxo Jr. Premium Combo Pack

Blu-Ray, Luxo, Jr., Monsters, Inc.

Posted by Martin • August 8, 2009

Important questions have now been answered for both the Monsters, Inc. Blu-ray and the Luxo Jr. Premium Combo Pack (AKA Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection), both highly anticipated releases, both in stores November 10th!

Let’s start off with the mega-delayed Monsters, Inc. Blu-ray which was originally slated for last May with A Bug’s Life. The set has been increased from a 2-Disc set to a 3-Disc. To refresh your memory, it was previously announced that Monsters will contain a brand new game called Roz’s 100-Door Challenge, a Roundtable Discussion featuring Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson and a new featurette: Monster’s Inc Ride and Go Seek: Building Monstropolis in Tokyo! Also included are all of the bonus material from the original DVD release.

Moving on we have the Luxo Jr. Premium Combo Pack featuring, you guessed it… an actual replica of Luxo Jr.! Previously only available for pre-order in the UK as the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection, this limited edition item will be available on November 10th in the US. To differ, it’ll be packaged with Up on Blu-ray instead of the whole Pixar Blu-ray collection. Luxo Jr. himself is an actual working lamp and has a storing area at the base for Blu-rays. It comes at a steep price of $199 but I’m sure it’s worth it. 

You can pre-order Monsters, Inc. on 3-Disc Blu-ray from Amazon now. US pre-orders for the Luxo Jr. Premium Combo Pack coming soon.

Don’t forget about the recently announced details for the Up Blu-ray/DVD release, learn more about that here.

(via The HD Room)

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Woody’s News Round-Up (7/29/09)

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Posted by Martin • July 29, 2009

Bite sized pieces of Pixar news for your enjoyment. Sharing is recommended but optional.

Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection Revealed: An image of the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection has just been added to HMV’s site. You’ll notice it’s an actual replica of Luxo Jr. himself with a few Blu-rays besides! I recognize Cars, Ratatouille, WALL•E, A Bug’s Life and Monsters, Inc. possibly packaged in there. This is a really cool idea for a release but for now it seems to be available in the UK only starting November 2nd. More details, like an international release, expected soon.

Lee Unkrich & Tim Allen/Countdown to TS3: To the right is a picture I thought was cool and wanted to pass along. Lee Unkrich was tweeting today and presented two photos of him in the recording booth with Buzz Lightyear himself! Another great pic I’d like to pass along features the countdown clock to Toy Story 3 outside of Angus MacLane’s office.

John Lasseter Keeps on Answering Questions: You may remember the busy bee that is Pixar and Disney Animation Studios’ Chief Creative Officer took the time out to answer some fan’s select questions. John Lasseter and Disney•Pixar have released another video response, this time to the question "What’s your favorite Jungle Cruise joke?" Expect more pressing matters to be addressed soon!

Enjoy and look out for more news tidbits soon!!

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What is the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection?

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Posted by Martin • July 21, 2009

Truthfully, I don’t know.

UK sites have been setting up pre-orders for a "Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection" which seems to be some sort of Blu-ray compilation. Is it a pack of movies in some special Luxo themed packaging? Maybe it’s and updated shorts collection. Your guess is as good as mine.

Check out the pre-orders found at HMV, Amazon UK and BVA. All it seems to say is that it’ll be released on November 2nd and contains one disc. Funnily enough that one disc is £122. No word if it’ll reach US shores. Developing…

What do you think the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection is?

(Thanks, eerik from the Pixar Planet Forums)

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Luxo Jr. Hops Into DHS!

Luxo, Jr.

Posted by Martin • June 22, 2009

Pixar’s mascot made his permanent home at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida very recently.

Multiple sources are reporting that Luxo Jr. has premiered today in the Lighting area of Pixar Place just down the "road" from Toy Story Midway Mania! The animatronic lamp rotates between two shows beginning with him popping out of discrete looking swinging doors. The first show is during the day where Jr. hops and dances to different tunes including You’ve Got a Friend in Me. The other is at night in which Luxo Jr. lights up Pixar Place!

This is all part of the Living Character Initiative, the same project at Disney Imagineering from which the "living" WALL•E and Remy came from. This is a really cool (and long rumored) addition to the park but I’m hoping we’ll get to see more Pixar in this area but at a bigger scale. Like a ride, a Monsters, Inc. ride

Watch Luxo Jr. in action below, video by Jeff Lange:

Are any of you visiting Disney Hollywood Studios soon? If so, will you be watching for the famous little lamp?

(Thanks Jason & YK2/via Disney Shawn)

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