Luxo Jr. Hops Into DHS!

Luxo, Jr. News

Pixar’s mascot made his permanent home at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida very recently.

Multiple sources are reporting that Luxo Jr. has premiered today in the Lighting area of Pixar Place just down the "road" from Toy Story Midway Mania! The animatronic lamp rotates between two shows beginning with him popping out of discrete looking swinging doors. The first show is during the day where Jr. hops and dances to different tunes including You’ve Got a Friend in Me. The other is at night in which Luxo Jr. lights up Pixar Place!

This is all part of the Living Character Initiative, the same project at Disney Imagineering from which the "living" WALL•E and Remy came from. This is a really cool (and long rumored) addition to the park but I’m hoping we’ll get to see more Pixar in this area but at a bigger scale. Like a ride, a Monsters, Inc. ride

Watch Luxo Jr. in action below, video by Jeff Lange:

Are any of you visiting Disney Hollywood Studios soon? If so, will you be watching for the famous little lamp?

(Thanks Jason & YK2/via Disney Shawn)

Last modified: June 22, 2009