Ultimate Buzz Lightyear + More Interactive Toy Story [UPDATE]


You. Are. A TOY! We’ll be hearing that phrase a lot from fans of all ages when the re-release of Toy Story/Toy Story 2 in 3D (and everything tied in with it) comes out this October. 

We’ve seen Toy Story merchandise come and go (and come back again) but the upcoming wave is more interactive than ever before. The new Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot premieres later this year and it’s probably the coolest Buzz ever! If you think the name is familiar, you’d be right, it’s in the same vein as Ultimate WALL•E. Not only will this new Buzz be of good size (at 16 inches) but he’s got 100 different phrases, interactive games, and different motions (via a 15 command controller) which you can even program yourself!

The best part is that you can actually talk to Buzz and he’ll realistically respond! When you first take him out of the box, the futuristic toy even thinks he’s a real Space Ranger. In fact, saying "Star Command" triggers him to contact the spaceman’s HQ! To add more realism, guess what happens when you say "You are a toy!" Yup. He realizes he’s a "child’s play thing", just like in the movie!

Speaking of keeping true to the original source, the new models for Mr. Potato Head and RC are going to be more real than ever! If Mr. Potato Head wasn’t funny enough already, all of his body parts will shoot out with a clap of your hands in the spud’s real life version. Also, RC won’t be just any other remote controlled car, he’ll have the trademark "puppy-like bounce" as seen in the movie! This is all, of course, part of John Lasseter’s vision alongside the people at Disney Toymorrow who call this the definitive Toy Story collection!

Update: Gizmodo has more on the Ultimate Buzz toy including the price tag ($130-$150) and a video

I’m very tempted to buy this new Buzz, sounds expensive… Your thoughts?

(via Wired)

Last modified: June 22, 2009