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Luxo/Disney Settle Over Jr. “Custody Case”

A few months back we were all surprised by Luxo AS’s lawsuit over Disney/Pixar’s new uses of it’s iconic mascot, and more importantly, what would come of this court case.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Esq., both companies came to an "amicable settlement" over the conflict. It almost plays out like a custody case determining who has rights to Jr. The mess all started when Disney decided to manufacture and sell Luxo Jr. lamps packaged with the Up Blu-ray. Understandably, the lamp manufacturing giant didn’t take a liking to this move citing that such products would shed their company’s promise of quality in bad light, no pun intended.

With this settlement’s wording, it is not clear if we’ll still see a consumer version of Pixar’s mascot even though a pre-order is still available at Disney Store. On the other hand, we can be sure that Luxo Jr. will still hop into Pixar’s logo before every film. Luxo has agreed that they have no problem with "artistic depictions" of their lamps just like they said back in 1986. No one has to worry that John Lasseter’s inspired caricature may have to suffer a horribly hilarious fate as depicted by College Humor!!

I’m glad both Disney and Luxo AS could come to such an agreement, shows they’re not in it to cheat each other out of their money.

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