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Celebrate Up’s Blu-ray/DVD Release at Fenton’s Creamery!

As many fans are aware by now, Fenton’s Creamery which was featured in Up is a real life business located in the Bay Area just like Pixar!

In Pete Docter’s latest, you’ll remember Fenton’s plays a small but emotionally significant role in the plot. Now you too can have an "Up" moment with The Spirit of Adventure Sundae served for one night only at the legendary ice cream parlor!

Of course, this is because Pixar and Fenton’s have come together to hold an ice cream social celebrating the November 10th release of Up on Blu-ray/DVD! If you’re in the San Francisco/Oakland area, you shouldn’t miss this event, there are opportunities to see Pixarians and win all sorts of Pixar prizes including copies of the film. This special event will be held on the day of release (next Tuesday) from 5 to 8 PM at 4226 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA.

If you plan on attending, don’t forget to take pictures and send them over! Show us your pictures people enjoying The Spirit of Adventure Sundae or counting cars on the curb!

(via Slash Film)

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