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Available Today From Pixar: Up on Blu-ray/DVD, Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray + Much More!

November 10th has proven to be a very important date for Pixar fans this year. 

In stores today you’ll find 5 brand new releases from the Lamp. Below I’ve compiled a shopping guide for your convenience:

Up on Blu-ray/DVD: This is easily the most anticipated release from Pixar this year, and all for good reason, check out my review to see why. Directed by Pete Docter, Up will be available in three variations, 4-Disc Blu-ray, 2-Disc DVD and 1-Disc DVD. The best value has got to be the 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack which includes exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else. When buying this new release check for any promotions the store is having and look at all the flyers inside for Disney Movie Rewards and more exciting Up offers. Note that all releases include the standard DVD with Dug’s Special Mission, Partly Cloudy, commentary and minimal featurettes. This release is not to be missed by fans!
SRP: $45.99 (Blu-ray) Best Price: $19.99 Amazon Digital Download: iTunes

Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray: Both of Pete Docter’s films will be in the spotlight today as they are newly released on home video. The digital files of Pixar’s 2001 classic, Monsters, Inc., are uncompressed for maximum viewing pleasure. Included in the discs are the Filmmaker’s Roundtable (filmed at Hidden City Cafe), a brand new game, and a look into Japan’s MI ride. Also included in this 4-Disc set is a digital copy and the original DVD release of the film. If you haven’t already, give my review a looksie.
SRP: $40.99 Best Price: $22.99 Amazon

Luxo Jr. Premium Pack: If you want to own a piece of the big Disney/Luxo conflict, you’re in luck. It seems as though the Disney Store is still carrying this controversial set. Included in the package is a replica Luxo Jr. (not made by Luxo ASA) and the Up 4-Disc Blu-ray. The Luxo Jr. Premium Pack will only be available for a limited time so order as soon as possible. It may be your only chance to have a physical Luxo Jr. to match Pixar’s famous intro.
SRP: $199.99 Best Price: $199.99 Disney Store

Cars Blu-ray Ultimate Gift Pack: For the biggest Cars fans out there! This brand new set includes the previously released Cars Blu-ray now packaged with a DVD and two exclusive die-cast cars. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your resident Cars fanatic since it’s packaged with many aspects of The World of Cars franchise.
SRP: $49.99 Best Price: $31.49 Amazon

The Pixar Treasures: Tim Hauser’s (The Art of WALL•E) latest book, The Pixar Treasures, compiles tons of goodies from the world of Pixar. Notable examples include sketches from Pixarians, wrap party invitations and rare photographs. This 64-page coffee table book showcases the history and legacy of Pixar in a new and fresh way!
SRP: $60.00 Best Price: $37.80 Amazon

Happy shopping! Please tell us what you bought and how you liked it below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, was the only condition for Pixar releasing the Luxo replica that they make it known that Luxo was not responsible for it? it seems odd they are still releasing it at this point.

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