Woody's News Round-Up (11/10/09)

Lee Unkrich News Round-Ups Toy Story 3 UP

I’m sure you guys are enjoying your brand new copies of Up on Blu-ray and DVD, but let’s take a short break to examine some Pixar tidbits on my radar.

Lee Unkrich’s Tweet-a-thon Q&A: Many of you have been wondering if characters like Bo Peep will back for Toy Story 3 and still have other big questions left unanswered… until now. On Sunday, Lee Unkrich answered all that and more! He said he’d answer any question sent in (that wouldn’t get him fired) in the span of 15 minutes, and in that time, many TS3 questions were addressed. We learned Bo Peep, RC, Lenny and Wheezy are back, there will be a new short attached and he hinted at outtakes. See his Twitter feed for tons of other informative and witty responses.

Jordan Nagai and Dug Interviews: Some of the best stuff in an interview comes from total innocence. That’s what Jordan Nagai, the voice of Russell, brings to his Q&As. He hasn’t conducted too many, so this brand new talk with IESB should be a treat! Notice how he diverges from the point and focuses on Russell most of the time. Kids are funny! You’ll also get a kick out of Magical Mountain’s exclusive interview with… SQUIRREL!… I mean Dug, the star of Pixar’s brand new short. What more can I say…

Carl Fredricksen, Raising Hearing Loss Awareness: The latest ambassador for hearing loss awareness should be very familiar to Pixar fans. Carl Fredricksen himself has been "recruited" by Hear the World to do just that. The star of Up is the first ‘toon ever to join this initiative. Carl, a septuagenarian, fits the bill perfectly, after all, he has his own hearing aid! You can see him on the cover of Hear the World magazine (click to view larger) to the right and read the cover article here. [via Total Film]

Now get back to watching your brand new Blu-rays and DVDs!!

Last modified: November 10, 2009