Up iTunes Extras: George & A.J.

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With the latest major update to Apple’s music downloading software came iTunes Extras, a little incentive to download movies for exclusive content. As expected, Up has joined the party.

Besides the cool iTunes Extras menu, this release of Up has another feature not found on Blu-ray or DVD! It’s a brand new short film titled George & A.J. which follows the two Shady Oaks caretakers in their continuing "adventures." You may remember the duo from the lift off sequence in Up when they came to take Carl away.

The short is directed by Josh Cooley and features the voices of Pixarians Jason Topolski (George), A.J. Riebli (A.J.), Bob Peterson (Dug), Peter Sohn (Russell) and Steve Purcell (Carl). It plays in full color storyboards, much like The First Draft from A Bug’s Life Blu-ray, I’m guessing.

To own this extra, follow this link to iTunes where you can buy it in standard definition for $14.99 or in HD for $19.99. With this download you’ll also receive Dug’s Special Mission, Partly Cloudy and two Up featurettes. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the digital copy bundled with the Up Blu-ray will unlock the extra features. 

So, who’s seen George & A.J., what did you think?

(via Pixar Talk)

Last modified: November 11, 2009