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What is the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection?

Truthfully, I don’t know.

UK sites have been setting up pre-orders for a "Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection" which seems to be some sort of Blu-ray compilation. Is it a pack of movies in some special Luxo themed packaging? Maybe it’s and updated shorts collection. Your guess is as good as mine.

Check out the pre-orders found at HMV, Amazon UK and BVA. All it seems to say is that it’ll be released on November 2nd and contains one disc. Funnily enough that one disc is £122. No word if it’ll reach US shores. Developing…

What do you think the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection is?

(Thanks, eerik from the Pixar Planet Forums)

0 Responses to What is the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection?

  1. Captain Pan says:

    For £122 I hope its more than One DIsc… otherwise I want Luxo itself for that Price!

    With that Price I’m hoping for a Multi Blu Ray Set…
    Cars, Ratatouille, Shorts Col. 1, WALL-E all already out over her Monsters Inc expected July 27… Hopfully another movie by then…

  2. Bryko614 says:

    It’s probably a compilation of all the Pixar lamp intros…there’s only about four.

  3. martini833 says:

    But that much money for something that’s on Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. I as an extra?
    Up and Down, Light and Heavy, Surprise etc. would be a bit skimpy for a Blu-ray, dontcha think?

  4. DCSholtis says:

    I could see for that price a possibility of it being just the single disc and a replica Luxo Lamp, the disc would slide out from the base of the lamp.

  5. DCSholtis says:

    HMV now has a picture up.

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