Up Collectibles Displayed at Tokyo Toy Show 2009 [UPDATE]

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"Finally!" is all I can say. After JUN Planning went bankrupt it looked as if Up action figures weren’t happening.

Now another toy company in Asia, Hot Toys, is stepping up with a set of high quality collectibles based on Pixar’s 10th film. It’s funny how it has to get to the point where Pete Docter’s movie makes $280 million before any toy company (that doesn’t disappear) is brave enough to make a move on these obviously charming characters. I wonder how other toy companies feel about passing up this valuable license?

Anyways, the Hong Kong based manufacturer had a set of toys on display at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. You can check those pictures out over at this blog, they’re all the way at the bottom. In my opinion, the Carl figure is the most impressive and finely detailed, I might even buy it. Expect this merchandise to be on the expensive side since they are designer toys and will most likely not be available at your local retailer. Speaking of availability, I’m not so sure when that will be.

We’ll update you when we hear more about the Up toys that we thought went AWOL for a while!

Update: You can pre-order the Up duo now from Sideshow Collectibles! Carl Fredricksen and Russell are expected to ship on Q4 of 2009. Each vinyl figure is set at $64.99

(Thanks, Death Ray from the Pixar Planet Forums)

Last modified: July 21, 2009