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Woody’s News Round-Up (7/29/09)

Bite sized pieces of Pixar news for your enjoyment. Sharing is recommended but optional.

Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection Revealed: An image of the Pixar Luxo Lamp Collection has just been added to HMV’s site. You’ll notice it’s an actual replica of Luxo Jr. himself with a few Blu-rays besides! I recognize Cars, Ratatouille, WALL•E, A Bug’s Life and Monsters, Inc. possibly packaged in there. This is a really cool idea for a release but for now it seems to be available in the UK only starting November 2nd. More details, like an international release, expected soon.

Lee Unkrich & Tim Allen/Countdown to TS3: To the right is a picture I thought was cool and wanted to pass along. Lee Unkrich was tweeting today and presented two photos of him in the recording booth with Buzz Lightyear himself! Another great pic I’d like to pass along features the countdown clock to Toy Story 3 outside of Angus MacLane’s office.

John Lasseter Keeps on Answering Questions: You may remember the busy bee that is Pixar and Disney Animation Studios’ Chief Creative Officer took the time out to answer some fan’s select questions. John Lasseter and Disney•Pixar have released another video response, this time to the question "What’s your favorite Jungle Cruise joke?" Expect more pressing matters to be addressed soon!

Enjoy and look out for more news tidbits soon!!

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