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Mater’s News Tow-in! [07/06/11]

Welcome to another edition of Mater’s New Tow-in!

In this installation of our ongoing round-up series, you’ll find an insightful interview, Pixar-related events, and inspiration. Look around; tell us if you see anything you like.

La Luna US Premiere: If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area during the month of July and are dying to check out Pixar’s latest short film, you’ll have to buy tickets to the LA Short Fest. Opening this year’s gathering will be a special screening of La Luna on July 21 and an encore presentation on July 24 featuring director Enrico Casarosa. For more details and tickets, check out the festival’s official site. [via Enrico Casarosa Blog]

Brave Composer Named: Recently confirmed as the composer for next year’s Brave, Patrick Doyle spoke to The Scotsman about his upcoming role. As a Scotsman himself, Doyle is an appropriate choice, however his selection is a big departure from Pixar’s previous triumvirate of composers. In the article, Doyle ponders whether or not to use bagpipes in the score and mentions a "drinking song" he’s writing for one of the film’s main characters.
[via The Pixar Times]

TR!CKSTER Symposium: Attention animation fans, if you’re serious about breaking into the industry, you may benefit from the Tr!ckster Symposium. Professionals from a host of major studios (Pixar, DreamWorks, Marvel, etc.) have put together a series of eight talks on the topic of applied storytelling in animation and comics. Pixarians in attendance will include Scott Morse, Enrico Casarosa, Austin Madison, Ted Mathot, Steve Purcell and more. If you’re interested in attending and for more information on this special San Diego event, please visit the official site.

Persist: To close this edition of Mater’s News Tow-in, Letter’s of Note brings us an essay worth reading entitled Persist. Written by Pixar animator Austin Madison, it is addressed to "whom it may inspire…"

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3 Responses to Mater’s News Tow-in! [07/06/11]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Pixar really needs to take that note to heart….

  2. martini833 says:

    Is Cars 2 the only Pixar film you’ve seen? ^^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed Austin Madison’s letter Persist… it rings true to many of my own artistic experiences.

    -Snipe (unable to log in)

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