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Monsters, Inc. Sequel?

It seems some information on a possible sequel to Pete Docter’s 2001 Pixar film, Monsters, Inc. has been accidentally leaked, well sorta…

Taking in to account John Lasseter’s emphasis on synergy and the new ride planned for Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2011 from the events after the original, this could be a real possibility. The rumors were instigated from Pixarians "deny to deny" attitude when asked about further sequels lately. But what may solidify these rumors is one search made at Pixar’s Emeryville campus of "monsters 2013 pixar" discovered by The Pixar Blog. This would mean that we can expect Monsters, Inc. 2 in 2013 of course, but it’s just a seacrh which could mean very much, or very little.

I guess we’ll find out for sure the typical way, after Pete Docter gets grilled enough by reporters during his Up press tour.

Your thoughts?

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  1. This is really exciting! I hope the animation journalists grill Pete Docter, for sure (not that he’d say anything anyway…). Guess we will have to wait and see if any more information comes up.

  2. No, no, no. Please NO sequel to Monsters, Inc!

  3. The Pixar Blog’s investigation and reason for speculation are quite fishy to me, but they do bring up some proof that someone (who knows who) at Pixar is thinking of the film again. I would hope not for a sequel to Monsters, Inc, as we already have two sequels in the works, although it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one. I would love Monsters, Inc. sequel, but I’d rather see original stories and characters. Who knows? The search “2013” may just be when the ride will open at Walt Disney World!

  4. C-3PO says:

    TheIncredible – You’re right! It could be for something else. I would think that if they were looking specifically for sequel information, they might type ‘Monsters 2’, instead of just ‘Monsters’. I think the ride opens in 2011 though. Either that, or they are planning a re-release of all of the PIXAR movies in Real D Digital, regardless of whether or not they have a sequel coming out… Which could just as easily explain a search like this. Now that would be cool.

    – C-3PO

  5. Anonymous says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Get The Incredibles 2 made. 2014 would put it at a decade between sequels. Makes me think these characters are not a priority at Pixar. Get Brad Bird on it now. He’s a brilliant writer and certainly has plenty of ideas in his noggin.

  6. I’d rather have NO sequel than a forced sequel. Pixar has only proven themselves with movies that came right from their heart. I guess Toy Story 2 was forced, but we got lucky that John thought of something in the nick of time! Brad only said he’d do a sequel if he thought of something.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please, NO sequels!! I’ve really liked how Pixar, unlike many other studios, has steered clear from sequels (with the exception of Toy Story 2). I like that Pixar has created unique and original ideas for each of it’s movies. Each one is different, and each one is very successful! I’m upset that they are doing Cars 2. I mean, I guess the reason why I enjoyed Toy Story 2 was because it was nice to see their first animated feature come back again. But PLEASE do not create sequels because the movie did well. That is what happened with Dreamwork’s Shrek, SONY Pictures’ Spiderman and SO many other movies these days. I hope this rumor is not true.

  8. martini833 says:

    Remember you guys, it’s just a rumor based on little evidence, calm down. Sequels aren’t bad, sequels made for no reason besides money are bad, Pixar has a philosophy regarding these and Toy Story 2 is the best reviewed movie EVER, they know what they’re doing. You guys have to trust in Pixar’s judgement, which I know for a fact is there and if they wnat to go ahead with a sequel, so be it, it’s their choice. And remember, starting in 2011 we’ll see two movies a year, sequels will fund the more daring original pictures and sequels will just strengthen the already mega strong brand that is Disney•Pixar. And 2013 is very far away, let’s not get carried away here.

  9. Mitch says:

    Member martini833 made a good point there (above my post), in my humble opinion. Pixar has proven themselves to be willing and able to produce a sequel that is both note-worthy and memorable, even if it is forced upon them. Personally, I’d prefer that they stick to their original intentions and stray away from the sequel side of the island unless there is a sound reason for them to create one. “Toy Story 2” effectively raised eyebrows, in an optimistic sense of course, and, although I’m skeptical about the second installation of “Cars”, knowing Pixar they’ll pull off another win one way or another. I’m actually rather partial to a “Monsters, Inc. 2”, as long as they carry it out properly (which I’m sure they would/will).

    To be honest, I’m more concerned for the future of this Pixar employee who typed “monsters 2013 pixar” into Google. If this person was, indeed, searching for information on a “Monsters, Inc.” sequel, and Pixar found out that other people discovered this, would that employee lose his/her job? I’d hate for that to happen.

    In a nutshell, I’m neither for nor against the possibility of a sequel to the said film (“Monsters, Inc.”), and perhaps I’m leaning more towards the latter. Either way, we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks for the information!

  10. I mean, just brushing on what COULD be in the sequel. I think part of what made Monsters, Inc. really special is Boo. If there is no Boo, something really big has to fill in that gap.

  11. mnmears says:

    Everyone’s jumping on this story as confirmation of a sequel, but I have another take just as viable as the sequel story. Could it be possible the studio is looking to re-release the film in 3D, as it’s doing with Toy Story and Toy Story 2?

    I have no problem with sequels from Pixar — and I think there’s room for a healthy mix of both original films and sequels — as long as the studio continues to put the emphasis on STORY, STORY, STORY.

    Toy Story 2 is one of those rare sequels that’s more than equal to its predecessor. I expect Toy Story 3 to be wildly entertaining as well — because the staff at Pixar loves and cares about these characters as much as we do as fans.

    I’m not questioning their motives or thinking they’re only making sequels to make money. There’s nothing wrong with making money — especially if it allows the studio to make other movies that seem riskier because of their ORIGINALITY.

  12. Monsters, Inc. ended right where it should have. I can’t imagine anyone at Pixar coming up with anything new that wouldn’t ruin the first one, or at least it’s ending. The Incredibles is the only one other than Toy Story where you could make sequels, and I’m actually shocked they haven’t really talked about it yet. Maybe Brad Bird has something up his sleeves on that one that he’s not sharing with all of us. I know I’ve had some crazy ideas that would work if Mr. Bird is interested.

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