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‘Monsters University’ Now In Theatres!

Pixar’s long-awaited second installment in the Monsters franchise has finally been released to the public. Unfortunately, a good chunk of countries are still on the waiting list.

Monsters University has been generally warmly received, and Variety is expecting a strong $80 million box office take this weekend. Even if the critical consensus has been a tad below Pixar’s standards, it should be another huge success among audiences.

If you’re seeing Monsters University this weekend, let us know what you think!

Happy MU release day!

5 Responses to ‘Monsters University’ Now In Theatres!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw it at eight pm yesterday (Friday) night. After reading a review on ere, I didn’t have super high expectations. But I was WRONG!! This may be my fave Pixar movie— I love the story, the characters and everything else!!! MU RULES!!!

    The Blue Umbrella— stunning. It looks completely real— in my opinion, too real. It’s cute, but for me, it’s not Pixar. Pixar is animated. The Blue Umbrella loks too real to be animated— it looks like live-action. But it is, like I said, STUNNING!

    Overall, That may have been the best 2 hours I have ever spent!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t expecting much, but had a great time! Big laughs, big heart. Great return to form for Pixar!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comments for the “Blue Umbrella” – it looked like the umbrellas were animated but the backgrounds were real! It was that photo-realistic.
    MU was fun, go see it! I liked it. I could also see why Monsters Inc. was more appreciated by the critics, with the bigger surprise factor, and a more diverse cast that included some strong and super-funny female characters (Roz, Celia and Boo). MU is a great prequel though, and I’m looking forward to own it on BluRay.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous #3: did you see Roz in MU? 😀

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read many reviews that were making me a tad nervous, but I still kept my hopes high after being underwhelmed by Cars 2 and even Brave. I will confess that the near the end of the first act I was a bit worried. However, once the second act started all doubt was gone and by the end of the film I was loving it. I did not leave the theatre disappointed at all.

    It’s not quite my favorite Pixar film, but it’s definitely up there. There were many good twists that created a satisfactorily surprising ending to a film that I we already knew the outcome to.

    The Blue Umbrella was amazing. The story was simple, but done so well. The art was amazing, everything was amazing; easily my new favorite short.

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