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More And More WALL•E Merchandise

The WALL•E merchandising is gearing up to full swing! With more and more products showing up online, Amazon UK has some new toys from IMC.

WALL•E Night Vision

WALL•E Radio Alarm Clock

WALL•E Super Pin Ball

Amazon France

WALL•E Read-Aloud Story Book 

WALL•E (Little Golden Book)

as well as Ebay 

WALL•E Personalized Deluxe Planner

And poor WALL•E has to clean it all up in the end! 

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  1. Must. Get. Binoculars. O_o

    Thanks so much for showing us these!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want a full-size remote controlled Wall-E. And I want it NOW! Also he should have some amount of A.I. so he would be able to move around on his own. It could be extremely cool, if you could build in a vacum cleaner! Man, I’d clean my house every day! Design it, produce it and I’ll buy it! NOW!! Please, please, please!!!

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