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More Art from Pixar’s Canceled ‘Newt’ Surfaces! [UPDATE: Art removed]

Pixar is known for being fairly tight-lipped about their unreleased productions, so it was a surprisingly generous move when the studio released a batch of concept art from their canceled film Newt. The art only served to make fans more eager for Gary Rydstrom’s directorial debut, but the project was permanently shelved back in 2010. As such, former Pixar concept artist Katy Wu recently put up some of her work for the film on her blog.

We’ve posted a few samples to the right, but be sure to check out all of the images here. From the looks of it, Newt was set to have a very striking visual style. If the Pixar crew couldn’t work through the film’s story problems, though, the cancellation may have been for the best.

(Pixarblog, via Pixar Times)

Do you think Newt could’ve lived up to its concept art?

UPDATE: The images have been taken down from Katy’s blog.

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