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New ‘Brave’ Clip: Tart Thieves!

AMC Theatres has premiered a new clip from Brave on their Youtube channel.

The new clip showcases Merida’s three little brothers and the trouble they go through to obtain sweets, much like another recent clip. Hamish, Hubert, and Harris are sure to provide some fun comic relief throughout the film. Watch below:

Brave hits American cinemas on June 22.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was just thinking about you all, how are you?

    Well, I am putting the finishing touches on the two pilot ideas. Police Drama, and the Animated Mystery Pilot, I previously talked about. I have others, but I will start off with these two first. I am late because I have to do things in a certain way, so my ideas are not stolen in the early stages.

    And I have some questions. Most writers submit pilot ideas to multiple companies, so what about if I submit mine to ABC only…is there still a bidding process? I’m wondering if ABC will buy it right away, or wait? I know the upfront presentation is coming next week.

    I wish I was there to talk to the advertisers. ABC can always tell them that they have other ideas, and show some pictures. Thus, I feel tv shows can be started anytime during the year.

    Also, where should I send the pilot ideas? They won’t be too long, probably no more than 2 to 3 pages each. I thought about sending it in the mail to Ms. Anne Sweeney, then I thought about posting it on the job website for Disney, as an attachment.

    I am still upset that this bidding process is taking so long. And only caring people would understand my concern. And I am able to voice my concern in a upfront way. Have a good weekend.

    Helen Harris-Scott

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