New 'Brave' Featurette Takes Us Behind the Scenes!

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The people behind Pixar’s feature films have always made their movies shine. All types of artists, from actors, animators, singers, to composers, must collaborate to achieve one vision.  In this Brave featurette, we get to hear from many of the people who helped bring the movie to life.

The lengthy video includes snippets from director Mark Andrews, producer Katherine Sarafian, actresses Kelly MacDonald and Emma Thompson, composer Patrick Doyle, and many more. Along with a handful of clips from the film, we get to take a look at some of the footage filmed during the team’s research trip to Scotland, see the voice artists at work, and hear pieces of Doyle’s score and the songs that were recorded for the movie.

Everyone behind the film seems to be putting their best into Pixar’s latest. Brave hits North America on June 22, 2012.

(Thanks, Endrizzi94)

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Last modified: June 1, 2012