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New ‘Brave’ TV Spots Showcase Humor and Excitement!

With just a month away until the movie’s release, the marketing for Brave has officially kicked into full swing. Two new TV spots promoting the film are now available to watch on Pixar’s Youtube channel.

The first ad, running at 30 seconds long, plays towards the comedic beats and the family dynamics of the film. There are a few brief clips of interest, but overall the spot is fairly disjointed and doesn’t clarify the story. Many TV commercials for Pixar films, however, suffer the same problem.

With a lengthier running time of 60 seconds, the second spot provides a more concrete look at the movie’s storyline. Anyone who viewed the recent international trailer will find most of this promo very familiar, but it’s still worth watching for a brief but fantastic look at the threatening demon bear, Mor’du. View it below:

One more month! Brave opens on June 22 in the United States.

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