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New ‘Brave’ Vignette + Soundtrack Samples!

Following the delightful Cutting Class clip, Pixar continues a successful lineup of shorts inspired by Brave with Triple Play. This time, Merida’s triplet brothers (literally) take the stage to present the DunBroch legend of King Fergus’ quest for Queen Elinor’s hand.

Some accuse Pixar of using cuteness as a crutch, but this certainly isn’t the case here. The clip is packed with entertaining animation and the comedy works on multiple levels. Brave appears to have some wonderful characters supporting the story. Pixar Post provides the embed below:

If that clip doesn’t help sell you on the film, then the soundtrack samples that were recently added to the official Brave website will. The score manages to be exciting, epic, and heartwarming, sometimes all at once. Emma Thompson and Peigi Barker’s Noble Maiden Fair stands out as one of the most beautiful songs on the album. There are spoilers in the track titles, of course, but you won’t regret taking a listen.

Get excited, because Brave is coming in just two weeks on June 22. The film’s score will arrive digitally and on a physical CD on June 19.

Are you as excited for Brave as you have been for past Pixar films?

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