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New Cars 2 Character: Meet Raoul ÇaRoule!

French speedster, Raoul ÇaRoule, makes his official debut thanks to Coming Soon!

The film site provides us with a description, high-resolution image and turntable video featuring the latest addition to the Cars 2 cast.

Official Description: "Known as the ‘World’s Greatest Rally Car,” #6 Raoul ÇaRoule was born in Alsace, France. A restless soul, Raoul joined the famous ‘Cirque du Voiture’ French circus where he learned Gymkhana – a graceful, drift-filled motorsport that taught him pinpoint timing and an unparalleled ability to navigate tricky courses with ease. He’s the first car to ever win nine consecutive rallies. Raoul is confident he can use his rally experience to pull ahead of his fellow World Grand Prix racers during the three courses’ touchy dirt sections, especially with his fans in the stands waving banners that read ‘ÇaRoule Ca-Rules!’"

Turntable Video:

Follow ÇaRoule and co. in Cars 2, premiering June 24!

French readers, weigh in on Raoul! Not French? We’d still love to know what you think!


5 Responses to New Cars 2 Character: Meet Raoul ÇaRoule!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello martini833 !
    Raoule ÇaRoule clearly refers to our 7 times world champion Sébastien Loeb ( that was born in Alsace ! And the car looks like his Citroen C4 ( Hmm, somethting tells me he could give his voice to Raoul in the french version of Cars 2, and why not in the us one ! Precision : Raoul don’t have a “e” at the end ; ) and I don’t know how you pronounce Raoul ÇaRoule, but here’s to help you for a perfect french accent : Ra (like “Ra“t) who-l Sa (like in sa-tellite) R-who-l…

    See you !
    It was Fred, n°1 Pixar fan from France

  2. Anonymous says:

    How will Lightning deal with all these champions?

  3. martini833 says:

    Thanks, Fred! Great insight!! 🙂
    Anonymous #2— Good question— we’ll see in June. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    From my french perspective It’s a very very very, really very bad name, the first since the creation of Pixar… It seems they lost their inspiration somewhere.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Circus car?! How can he be a circus car?!

    But, seriously, that’s just unoriginal.

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