New 'Monsters University' Promo Material; Trailer Coming Soon!

Monsters University News

With less than five months to go until the prequel’s June 21 debut, the countdown to Monsters University continues as February approaches. Disney’s marketing has been surprisingly restrained so far, as we’ve yet to see more than a few posters and teasers to date. According to recent news, though, it looks like that’s beginning to change!

First off, Pixar Post discovered an image which includes a new look at the film’s setting (top right). A trio of international posters were also posted by Bleeding Cool yesterday; two of them show the lead characters in seasonal garb, while the other is a new teaser poster out of China (to the right). Additionally, Pixar Talk received a fantastic Monsters University scarf straight from the studio; check it out here.

Most exciting, though, is the news that the next marketing wave for Monsters University kicks off in the coming weeks. A new trailer is set to debut by mid-February, and we may see a new TV spot during the Super Bowl. The latter has yet to be confirmed by Disney, who are also pouring money into spots for Iron Man 3, Oz, and The Lone Ranger, but we’ll keep you posted on any new Monsters trailers or promos.

Check back soon for more Monsters University news!

Last modified: January 28, 2013